The Stoner Mom

The Stoner Mom


I’m Kathryn.

I am a thirty-something, yoga-pants-wearing, mom to four. You can find me in the suburbs of Colorado, usually in a Target or at the elementary school, doing regular mom things. Things like driving a minivan, kissing boo-boos, living in loungewear, cooking, cleaning, educating my high-achieving kids, and keeping house for my family of six.

But in addition to my role as mother and wife, I am also an enthusiastic medical + recreational marijuana advocate. In plainer terms, I smoke a lot of pot.

I created this website + brand to help change the stigma that comes with cannabis use. I want to show the world that cannabis users are just people. Normal adults living normal adult lives.

Adults with children, careers, mortgages, and retirement accounts. People who pay bills and volunteer at their kids’ school. Nurses and doctors and educators and industry leaders. Soccer moms and troop leader dads. Single parents grinding it out. Combat veterans with PTSD. Parents to children with special needs.

Stoners are Millenials. They are Gen-Xers. They are Baby Boomers. Incredibly, even 30% of the Silent Generation (72-92) are for legalization!

So, here’s to the grownups out there who are practicing responsible cannabis use. And if you happen to be one of them, like myself and those above, here’s to knowing that you aren’t alone.