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Wake and bake

Wake and bake: the best way to start the day Morning y’all. Let me describe my favorite morning ritual, one I get to play out on the weekends. No alarm, I wake up by my exceedingly handsome husband placing a cup of coffee on my bedside table. Sometimes his youngest (girl, aged 2) is with him so I hear adorable toddler banter.  Other times it is just him, and he takes the moment to squeeze me in inappropriate places. Both scenarios are quite enjoyable. Anyhow, he leaves to tend to the children and I am free to grab the bong stashed...

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Marijuana Review: Magic, a mellow high for the every day

    Magic is a sativa dominant hybrid with a strong citrus smell and an easy to manage, cerebral high. A strong citrus smell with a clean taste, Magic is a mellowly delicious high- all in the head and none of the body. This is a great marijuana for every day, especially if you will be engaging with others. Energy: Magic has a magically mild energy kick. It’s a great weekend morning weed, with a cup of hot coffee and an article you’ve been dying to read. Low body high means you are able to get up and get stuff done,...

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Welcome to The Stoner Mom!

Welcome to The Stoner Mom- a lifestyle blog offering a unique parental perspective on all things marijuana. Weed has a sweet spot in my heart and in my mind and I have wanted a place to express that for awhile. I will be blogging about my experiences as a stoner mom in the suburbs, hopefully giving some unique insight in how the drug can be used legally and responsibly as a parent. There will probably be a lot of stoned rambling too… cause who doesn’t need a stoner pal to check up on? Check out the About page for...

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Pot Review: Snowcap, a great choice for moms who smoke pot

  Snowcap is a sativa dominant hybrid, and a favorite pot for tough days in the mom trenches. With its pungent lemon smell and immediate mind kick, snowcap is a fabulous pot strain for many situations. For parents we are talking a fab energy boost in addition to a euphoric love for your kids. This is the strain for laying with them at bedtime and talking freely, your mind and mouth unlocked. Profound moments with my oldest have come this way.  Not a hallucination, but  a real moment of clarity while listening to her, and the ability to answer...

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What Mom is Up to When She Smokes Weed

One of my favorite things to do while smoking weed… sitting holed up in my basement office, shivering and on my computer.  Disguised as “work”, it is really time alone on Pinterest, listening to something sultry on Spotify, phone by my side alerting me of the texts that are simultaneously popping up on my computer. I am always reachable, connected, available for those who love me. I listen to my sultry music through my husband’s fancy headphones, silencing the sounds of my him and the son playing Minecraft late at night. Mothers, and fathers, and all those people chin...

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