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Trolls and Computers | The Stoner Mom Diaries

Hiya folks! I’ve been quiet I know. I’m working on a lot of content that I really want to debut all at the same time, so that’s what has been going on behind the scenes. Computers are hard Over Labor Day weekend David and I pored over the backend of my website, trying desperately to resolve a mysterious problem that was ruining everything. Fixing website stuff involves searching through code you don’t understand, changing one thing, and then checking to see if that fixed it. It took two days, but Monday night I finally found the problem and fixed it....

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The Stoned Entrepreneur: Updates and What it takes to be a Blogger

The Stoner Mom Brand: 1st Quarter Updates The Good Things have sloooowly begun to start moving over here. I opened up the brand to affiliate sales and have made $200+ passively with that. Over like three months. My YouTube channel has a current ad revenue of like $130 or something but I’ve been too lazy to sign in and like, tell them how to pay me. So yeah. I also got my Patreon site up and running and am really hoping to get some pledges so I can start making more videos. I’m starting to play around with the...

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2015 in Review: The Stoner Mom Show

Why on Earth, at the age of 32 would I decide to start uploading videos of myself getting stoned? Well, most likely I was stoned when I decided to do it. I mean really, this is a valid question right? Most moms don’t do this, even the ones that are total potheads! So why on earth is this self-proclaimed super mom exposes herself in this… odd way? Well. You see, I am not a dinosaur. Yes I’m a mom. I have children, and drive a minivan, and wear loungewear outside, but I’m still, you know. WITH IT. Media has...

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The Stoned Entrepreneur

A Stay-at-Home Stoner Mom I was never meant to work for other people. I learned this early in life, when I found myself in various jobs, secretly loathing any and all form of authority. Other people making my schedule? Yuck. When I first became a mother I was fortunate enough to be able to quit working. Over the next few years I watched my little family grow, my babies develop into children, while I also developed as a photographer. Two years into the stay-at-home thing, I started a photography business. I took a lot of pleasure in building an online following that...

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Cannabis Photography by The Stoner Mom

Cannabis photography is a relaxing past-time for me. It’s my old person hobby that keeps my mind limber and satisfied. Having a quiet house and piles of weed scattered around to arrange in some tasteful way is such a stress reliever. Here are some of my favorite shots of some of the different marijuana strains I have enjoyed. I hope they get your mouth...

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The Stoner Photographer Pt I

I am a photographer, but at this current point in life I am devoting my time to running the house and pursuing other interests (like this blog!). Nonetheless, I wanted to share some photography of mine from the last several years. I have so many images that I love for personal reasons, it will take several posts to share them all.  For today here is a sampling of images I use for my portrait portfolio. *Easter egg: one of The Stoner Mom’s kids is shown, as well as Stoner Mom’s...

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