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Love List | Game of Thrones Edition

  L O V E   L I S T | Game of Thrones Edition   I cannot deny that I have a deep and passionate love for HBO’s series, Game of Thrones. Because of the shows, I discovered the books, the fascinating author, and the immersive community. George RR Martin created a universe rich in history and lore, something so huge and expansive it is quite shocking for me as a 30-something that HBO thought they could take it on. But they did, oh did they. And they’ve gotten far more right than they have wrong, something the...

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Love List | May 2017

May Love List | the things I loved in May Learn The Color of Law: a Forgotten History Of How Our Government Segregated America | In his new book, Richard Rothstein documents government-sponsored segregation that began under New Deal housing programs. Upholding racist policy that continued the separation of whites and blacks, state-sponsored programs lead to the sense of separation that has defined Ferguson, Baltimore, Charleston, and other American cities. Mommy Dead and Dearest | HBO Documentary | The murder of Dee Dee Blanchard, and the abuse of her daughter Gypsy Rose, is a popular true crime story with many dedicated articles and...

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Love List | April 2017 | Ear candy

April Love List | podcast recommendations Relax, it’s Friday. It’s Spring. Here in Colorado, it’s one of those gorgeous afternoons meant for dog walks and bare feet. I’ve listened to so many podcasts lately, old ones and new. Today I’ve compiled the episodes that I have recently enjoyed, so if you’d like to relax, send the kids outside to play and put on one of these audio gems. Learn Dead Blondes Series | You Must Remember This is an excellently produced podcast about Hollywood in the early 20th century. I never thought I would find that era in LA so interesting,...

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Love List | Annabis: Luxury Handbags for Stoners

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I was not paid to write this post. Please note, that when you click links & purchase items, in some cases I receive a referral commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you in advance for supporting with your purchases! Annabis Style | More than Beautiful Things When I find anyone portraying female stoners in a positive light, I fall in love a little. Or in this case, I fall in love a lot. Last year I stumbled upon the Annabis bags website and immediately asked David to get me in touch...

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