Critical Mass | a Functional Indica for Creatives


Afghani x Skunk No. 1

I never thought I would find an indica that I love as much as Critical Mass. Critical Mass is a healing indica that, while sedative, doesn’t put me to sleep. I love using this strain as a treatment for anxiety and low-level depression but where it really excels for me is its effect on my creative work. It’s a wonderful strain to write with, keeping me euphoric, creative and focused. When the inevitable couch lock sets in, I’ve got more than enough stuff to write about with this wonderful strain keeping me motivated.


Critical Mass was named for its reputation for massive yields, and a glance at our home harvest pictures shows why. These buds are MASSIVE! These are easily the largest buds and biggest yield we’ve ever had in our home grow. This strain has a heavy earthy aroma and a relatively mild flavor when smoked and vaped.

The High

With THC at around 20%, Critical Mass is an easier strain for newbies, while still providing a high that is peaceful and euphoric. A typical high will last around two and half hours with a “coming down” phase at the end where one is susceptible to couch lock. As mentioned, this is a great strain for creative work that can be tedious or requires a lot of focus. As relaxed as this strain makes me feel, it truly motivates me to get work done. It’s a very well balanced strain.


Critical Mass is excellent at treating symptoms of both pain and anxiety, making this an excellent choice for many medical ailments. It is high in CBD and is used to treat symptoms of pain, inflammation, spasm disorders, nausea, and anxiety.

Our Homegrown Critical Mass

photos taken with iPhone 7+

Our most recent harvest of personal marijuana was huge. David has really figured out the magic formula for our home grow and is now consistently producing huge, dense, danky buds. Critical Mass was one of those strains!

Critical Mass Review


Some of my favorite eye candy for stoned perusing. Critical Mass is a great strain for going deep into your favorite books, shows, or art.