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MINISODE | MADAS 42 | Post TV Ramblings

Let’s talk about stress, baybee, let’s talk about you & weed. In this minisode, David and The Stoner Mom talk about their latest self-imposed, stress-inducing incident.   In Episode 42 of Mom & Dad are Stoned: The Stoner Mom biopic, starring Jennifer Lopez as The Stoner Mom. With Joey Ramone as a backup. Except he’s dead, so never mind. A lot of talk about my anxiety and how David and I handle it as a team. Details on our first experience with local news. Good, bad, and in between. My one-sided friendship with Georgia Hardstark. OMG more...

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Meet a Stoner Mom Round Up | the many faces of maternal cannabis use

A Meet a Stoner Mom Round Up This past weekend I found myself going through my blog’s archives and revisiting some very lovely and inspiring women. In my Meet a Stoner Mom series I asked readers to share some details about their stoner-mom lifestyle. I wanted to know why they use cannabis, how open about cannabis they were, and what their standard stoner schedule looks like, especially as parents. Some readers were generous enough to share their stoner stories, and as their words did then, they inspire me now, and so today we are going to visit with these lovely...

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MADAS 41 | Getting Down to Stoner Business | Mom & Dad are Stoned Podcast

A lot has changed since the origins of When I began the site I had zero plans for making videos or podcasts, but here we are, having done both for a while now. In episode 41 David & Kathryn talk about their stoner business and how things are beginning to shape up.   In Episode 41 | Getting down to Stoner Business: Dave Chappelle’s hilarious Netflix specials History of The Stoner Mom Pursuing “social influence” when you hate being social Writing, blogging, design + video The Stoner Mom’s current streams of revenue Ask The Stoner Mom –...

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Pineapple Express Strain Review | The Stoner Mom Reviews

Pineapple Express | STRAIN REVIEW Hybrid Trainwreck x Hawaiian   Pineapple Express is apparently a stoner movie. I wouldn’t know because the one time I tried to watch it I didn’t understand a good god thing and subsequently fell asleep. Such mom behavior right there, but in my defense, I was not yet a stoner. The cannabis strain Pineapple Express is a personal favorite and a guaranteed mood lifter, and as an evenly split hybrid, it’s suitable for both day and night use. Characteristics Pineapple Express is a gorgeous strain. It is typically covered in lots of sticky trichomes that can be difficult...

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Organize | Putting it Where it Belongs | GTD for Stoners

GTD for Stoners The Stoner Mom’s Crash Course in Life Management Created in 2001 by David Allen, Getting Things Done is a method of managing and maintaining all of your life’s commitments.  In this blog series, I am breaking down the Getting Things Done method, but for stoners. Because stoners can be productive. They are industry leaders and stay-at-home moms. They are doctors, teachers, grandmothers, combat veterans and so much more. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with your life’s responsibilities and don’t know where to start, then this is the series for you!     I’m back productive stoners! So...

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Principles of Responsible Stoner Parents

Asking yourself if you belong here? The Stoner Mom believes in a safe place for us to be ourselves, to share knowledge, and to foster judgment-free community among parents who use cannabis. Here is the set of principles we stand behind as a community. Also, I have a lot of followers who are not parents, and they are welcome here too! The Stoner Mom is all about Responsible Cannabis Use, something any stoner can practice.   As Responsible Stoner Parents: 1. We believe that adults can use cannabis, for medical or recreational reasons, and continue to be nurturing and compassionate...

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Marijuana Safety Tips for Stoner Parents

Marijuana Safety Tips for Parents  Marijuana in the household poses about as much danger as beer, medicines, cleaning products or poinsettias. Using common sense when handling and storing your pot will go a long way in ensuring your child’s safety. Today I’m sharing some personal tips on how I keep my kids safe from my weed and my weed stash safe from kids. My stash is kinda like a fifth kid, now that I think about it. 10 Tips to Help Keep your Pot Stash Safe from your Kid Establish clear boundaries in your household regarding rooms, personal property,...

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