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MADAS 48 | The Best Strains for Every Situation

For every situation, there is a strain best suited to whatever ales you. In today’s episode of Mom and Dad are Stoned we share 13 strains for 13 situations. In our media musings we revisit an oldie but a goodie. Learn what happens at the end of Dave’s Grow and hear about how productive we have been.   In Episode 48 of Mom and Dad are Stoned: Vape Talk Aerosmith ROME and the definition of the red rage The wisdom of not watching airline disaster documentaries prior to an airplane ride The best strains for every situation The...

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Principles of Responsible Stoner Parents

Asking yourself if you belong here? The Stoner Mom believes in a safe place for us to be ourselves, to share knowledge, and to foster judgment-free community among parents who use cannabis. Here is the set of principles we stand behind as a community. Also, I have a lot of followers who are not parents, and they are welcome here too! The Stoner Mom is all about Responsible Cannabis Use, something any stoner can practice.   As Responsible Stoner Parents: 1. We believe that adults can use cannabis, for medical or recreational reasons, and continue to be nurturing and compassionate...

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