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FEZ Review & Walk-thru Time!

FEZ is a portable vaporizer for dry leaf. In this post I begin by giving you a picture tour of FEZ. Next I outline the specs/ details, as well as talk about my personal thoughts on FEZ. I finish up with a picture tutorial to walk you through using FEZ for the first time.  Hope you guys enjoy!

FEZ: in pictures

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The Stoner Mom FEZ Review

Ahh, my desk, at this moment.
It’s morning, the kids are in school, husband at work, I’m alone at my desk with coffee & pets & well, cannabis. This is Mama’s favorite time of day. I’m on active “mom duty” but I won’t have to actually do anything for several hours. This is when I work. As anyone with their own business, I have a lot of work to do. And so, it’s time to indulge in my favorite activity. Getting stoned. 

I don’t want the house to smell smokey, so vaping during my daytime routine hours is a wonderful alternative. Vapor is not smoke. It’s totally different, has a light odor, & dissipates almost as soon as you exhale. It is also considered a safer alternative to smoking, because zero combustion equals zero tar and other bad stuff. All of these reasons make vaporizing an extremely great method for parents.

FEZ review

FEZ comes packaged in a well designed box, with all its accessories ready to go.

FEZ review

The storage box folds open & has a magnet closure.

FEZ review

Coffee and Vaping. Um.. yes please?

FEZ review

FEZ review

FEZ comes with

FEZ vaporizer
Charger with micro USB cord
Herb jar
Mouthpiece covers
Cleaning tools

FEZ specs

Designed for dry leaf blends

Over 2,000 puffs per charge

Ready to use in under 60 seconds

3 Adjustable temperature settings 300-464 degrees fahrenheit

Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery

Ceramic chamber with anodized aluminum shell

1 year warranty

What I Love about FEZ


The battery life is sooooo good! I have yet to have a portable vaporizer that could keep with my level of toking. I haven’t tried them all of course, but I am very impressed with FEZ’s battery life. It boasts over 2000 puffs per charge. I don’t think I’ve actually done that many, but I’m working on it.

My favorite feature of FEZ. To check the battery level: While FEZ is on, just shake to show remaining battery level. Green is full, orange is partial, & red is low. FEZ is fully charged in less than an hour.


FEZ has three optimal temperature settings: 200°C (yellow), 220°C (orange), 240°C (red).
To change the temperature: Press the button twice to cycle through heating temperatures. Yellow is low, orange is medium, & red is high.

Discretion & Style

FEZ is discreet & pleasant to use. I love its minimalistic, unisex look. It has a soft, silky texture in your hands. I’m a sucker for things like that. Next time I would get black or red, as dirt shows up on the white & probably needs to be wiped clean more often. Or maybe I’m just weird & need white things to stay white.

Zero Smoke & Odor

In my opinion, the best thing about vaping is its lack of smell or smoke. As far as I’m concerned, that makes vaping a game changer for parents.

How Easy is it to Maintain?

That silicone mouthpiece cover. Use it. Over time, highly concentrated, yellow, waxy gunk will collect at the tip of the mouthpiece, and is likely quite potent (maybe collect a little stash of that stuff??) It’s a byproduct of that sweet, sweet weed I consume (thanks hubby!). Fez is super easy to clean though, & comes with its own cleaning kit. With that and my beloved clorox wipes I have been able to keep my device working & looking fabulous.
To clean FEZ: spray a little rubbing alcohol into the chamber & wipe with the included brush.

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Quick aside: What is vaping again?

Vaping vs Smoking
Colorado’s Methods of Use FAQ

Using FEZ: a walk-thru

FEZ review

FEZ is super easy to use. To begin, twist & pull open the mouthpiece.

FEZ review

FEZ review

FEZ review

Here’s the inside of FEZ. This is where the cannabis goes! (& check out that ring. Day-um!)

FEZ review

Grind up some cannabis for even heating. I use a 1/4 tsp measuring spoon to scoop the cannabis into FEZ.

FEZ review

Don’t over-pack or pack it down. Just pour, gently shake to settle the herb, then pour a little more.

FEZ review

It can be a little messy.


FEZ comes with a silicone mouth-cover.


To turn on FEZ, simply hold down the button for 2 seconds. When it turns on it first glows clear, then either red, orange, or yellow depending on its temperature setting.


I have tried all the temperature settings, & prefer the warmest setting. Using a lower setting will increase the length of life of the cannabis & produce almost zero smell. I like to see & smell my vapor so high is what I prefer.


When FEZ is ready to go it will glow a happy green! It’s time to get stoned! Bring FEZ to your mouth & inhale (suck) slowly. You will feel the vapor build up into your mouth. Don’t suck hard, just a slow & even draw. Let vapor build up & when your are ready, inhale a final time, this time down into your lungs.


Exhale when you are ready. You will see the vapor as you exhale. It’s normal to cough when vaping, especially if you are new to it. Newbies should take care to take it slow until you know more about how your body likes vaping cannabis.


Fez is smart. When it thinks you aren’t using it, it automatically switches to low power mode. When in low power mode the button will glow blue. Simply pick up or slightly move FEZ & it will begin glowing its “heating up” color.

Overall, I love my FEZ & have had no problems or difficulties with it. My experience has been super positive & so, FEZ comes highly recommended by me.

If you’d like to check out FEZ yourself, click the affiliate link below!

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