Stoners need love too, and there is something pretty special about our stoner relationship. In today’s episode, we talk about the special considerations that go into maintaining a healthy relationship, both with our partner and our cannabis. Ask The Stoner Mom: How can I change my partner’s mind about cannabis? 




In Episode 45 | Navigating Stoner Relationships

  • Media Time- Game of Thrones, The Keepers, Mommy Dead and Dearest and recommended GOT podcasts.
  • Our traveling family musical act.
  • David’s plans for our future.
  • Custards last stand.
  • Our ever evolving relationship with each other and cannabis.
  • Are there certain things to be aware of, specific to stoner relationships?
  • How can cannabis enhance a relationship?
  • How can cannabis harm a relationship?
  • Ask The Stoner Mom- How can I change my partner’s mind about cannabis?
  • And of course, What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow?

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