Connect with other Responsible Stoners!

Adults who smoke pot have a hard time “coming out” to one another about their cannabis secret. Even where it’s legal, there can be such a negative stigma associated with marijuana use that adults don’t feel comfortable outing themselves as “stoners”. This sucks because for a lot of us cannabis has greatly enhanced our lives and the current stoner stigma is keeping us from living authentically.

Then there is parenting. Parenting in and of itself can be very isolating, something that a lot of younger people are not prepared for when they begin their parenting journey. Add cannabis use to that and you may feel like the town freak or at the very least just an unfit parent.

Join The Stoner Family, a community just for you!

Our Members Join Because:

  • They love The Stoner Mom’s personal content
  • They feel isolated as a pot-using parent
  • Broadcasting their cannabis love on social media is not an option
  • Their current friends have parenting styles different from their own
  • They are literally the only pothead they know over age 25
  • They need a friend to smoke weed with!

The Stoner Mom Family is an annual membership for responsible adults looking to connect with other responsible stoners.

Join our Stoner Family and never wonder again if you’re the only parent in the world that uses the Devil’s Lettuce. You’ll get:

  • Access to The Stoner Mom’s personal vlogs – it’s all the stuff she doesn’t put on YouTube! 
  • Weekly Stoner Session videos because everybody needs a smoke buddy!
  • Live Stoner Sessions with The Stoner Mom in our secret Facebook group – sesh with me in real time! 
  • Access to the Stoner Family Facebook Groupour private forums where it’s safe to be who you are. Brag about your kids, your job, and your killer cannabis grow.

Feeling left out? Join our Stoner Family today!

The Stoner Family membership lasts for one year from the day you sign up. You can renew your membership or cancel your membership at any time. There is a $20.00 annual fee for a year of members content.

*If you are having trouble accessing our membership pages immediately, please email or and let us know! We’re still working out the kinks. ;p