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The Stoner Mom Reviews: The 420 Gourmet

Cooking with The Stoner Mom The idea of me reviewing any cooking product outside of microwavable bacon is a little laughable to me, I must admit. My culinary skills fall under basic survival. I know how to not completely repel a man with my cooking; meat and cheese and all that. I know how to feed a child; stick with starches, or foods the color yellow. I also know how to eat good food, like at a high-end restaurant. Without exploding oysters onto my shirt or whatever. Life skills. That’s what I know. So, venturing into the world of self-made...

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Edibles Review: Pure CBD Cheeba Chew

Anxiety Sufferers Rejoice! An Edible that Won’t Make you Crazy. So, I don’t talk about edibles a lot here on The Stoner Mom. I have shared a particularly standout memory at a Colorado casino, which I recount in this video, but that’s about it. I am very sensitive to the taste of cannabis when I’m eating it, and I truly, do not like it. But, edibles are super effective and highly potent. Basically, they are fun as heck if you can manage to get them down. The Pure CBD Chew is unique because it is a completely non-psychoactive therefore...

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It’s an incrEdible Weekend

My Friday. After a day of housework and caring for kids, I see them off for the usual fun-filled weekend with their dad. Now I am responsible for no little ones. I throw on my shoes, get in my husband’s car and drive to the nearest dispensary. By some trick of luck I ended up buying a house five minutes away from a great dispensary. Days are short now and it’s dark when I pull up. And cold. The security guard opens the door for me, I check in and am buzzed into the store. Edibles. I’m on the...

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