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Weed Review Wednesday: Mystery Dank or, the mutant in the backyard

The Story of Mystery Dank   Over a year ago the BFF came over and handed me a slender bag containing two cannabis seeds. For close to six months it sat on my husbands computer desk, with the name of the strain clearly labeled. We had no interest in growing at the time so there was nothing encouraging us to do anything with them. In late May husband was preparing the vegetable garden and casually tossed the pot seeds into the garden with the rest of everything. And then… I forgot about it. Over the summer, in came the cucumbers,...

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Weed Review Wednesday: Tangerine Kush

Tangerine Kush | STRAIN REVIEW Indica Tangerine Haze x Rare Dankness Tangerine Kush is an indica dominant hybrid made for relaxation. With its chatty and euphoric high and body-heavy haze, Tangerine Kush is a great cannabis strain for entertaining. It’s probably pretty clear by now that The Stoner Mom does not regularly consume indicas. I am really sensitive to anything that might make me a wee bit drowsy, and drowsiness + parenting = worst day ever. Tangerine Kush is a middle road indica that doesn’t quite knock you out, but definitely mellows you out. Beautifully hued with many bright orange pistils,...

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Call me Ishmael, Moby Dick Strain Review

Hitting as hard as the literary giant, Moby Dick is a top sativa choice for this well read Mommy. Great taste, scent, energy boost, and mood lift make the Moby Dick strain effective for depression and anxiety without a post high crash.    Moby Dick is one of my absolute favorite strains. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that tastes citrusy and sweet, smells great, and has lots of beautiful amber pistils. This strain kicks in very quickly and gives an immediate mood lift and energy burst, making it a top choice for any large scale household task. Put on some music...

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Weed Review Wednesday: Mazar I Sharif- to sleep, to dream, to get stoned

  Mazar I Sharif is a 100% indica, with some sativa like characteristics, famous for its hash capabilities and double duty head and body high.  Named after the northern Afghanistan region it hails from, Mazar I Sharif has a powerful narcotic effect and is an excellent choice for pain relief, depression, and insomnia. Unlike the typical sativa strains I normally recommend, Mazar I Sharif is my choice for when I don’t want to get anything done. Uplifting but physically relaxing, this is the one for nights in with the husband.  Energy: Typical of an indica, Mazar I Sharif put me to...

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Strain Reviews: Moonshine Haze, a clear headed winner

Moonshine Haze Moonshine haze is a sativa dominant hybrid, a Colorado native and a 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup winner. This stuff is the closest thing to the perfect Mommy strain. Light, clean, potent, energizing, uplifting, zero couch lock and zero crash. Super fragrant, on the skunky side that clings to a room. Smoke this bad boy outside mama, and reap the benefits from its powerful high.  Energy: Moonshine Haze kicks in quick with an almost immediate boost in energy and mental awareness. Fabulous choice for a wake and bake morning, before the stinkers wake up and the rush for...

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Marijuana Review: Magic, a mellow high for the every day

    Magic is a sativa dominant hybrid with a strong citrus smell and an easy to manage, cerebral high. A strong citrus smell with a clean taste, Magic is a mellowly delicious high- all in the head and none of the body. This is a great marijuana for every day, especially if you will be engaging with others. Energy: Magic has a magically mild energy kick. It’s a great weekend morning weed, with a cup of hot coffee and an article you’ve been dying to read. Low body high means you are able to get up and get stuff done,...

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Pot Review: Snowcap, a great choice for moms who smoke pot

  Snowcap is a sativa dominant hybrid, and a favorite pot for tough days in the mom trenches. With its pungent lemon smell and immediate mind kick, snowcap is a fabulous pot strain for many situations. For parents we are talking a fab energy boost in addition to a euphoric love for your kids. This is the strain for laying with them at bedtime and talking freely, your mind and mouth unlocked. Profound moments with my oldest have come this way.  Not a hallucination, but  a real moment of clarity while listening to her, and the ability to answer...

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