The Stoner Mom’s Least Favorite Holiday

For the first time in 9 years I was child-free this Halloween. Gotta say, I didn’t miss it very much. Halloween is my least favorite holiday, mostly because of the ten tons of candy. I’ve also never been a fan of walking around in the cold at night, less so of bringing little kids out in the cold! So yes, the fact that it was just the hubby and I this Halloween was not too much of a bummer.

But I did have to see the girls dressed up, so I made them try everything on a couple days before.

The Stoner Mom Halloween Pictures

Little Elizabeth was a kitty cat.


 Stoner Mom Diaries Halloween

And Miss Victoria was a Japanese princess.


Stoner Mom Diaries Halloween



On Halloween I went to the BFF’s house because I had to take pics of her youngest in her Shirley Temple costume. BFF is very proud of Azalea’s curls, and seeks global domination through them. Thus, she asked me to photograph Azalea so she could send a decent picture to Ellen. Haha. Total mom move.

Stoner Mom Diaries Halloween

Come on!!!!


The Stoner Mom Diaries

Is that child not the perfect Shirley Temple?! Her mom is a total stoner by the way, with awesome kids. See? There are stoner moms everywhere, they just need to come out and join us!

Head over to my YouTube channel and watch my Halloween Wake and Bake video. I get very angry in it. That’s always fun.