Continuing The Stoner Mom’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, here are my top gifts for that one stoner guy we all know. Whether he’s the comedic relief in your social circle, the luxury-loving older man in your life, or that feckless husband of yours that likes to light up in the garage blasting Bob Seger, these gift ideas are sure to delight any Stoner Guy.

Twenty Gift Ideas for Stoner Guys

A Dozen Picks and Probes

1. A Dozen Picks and Probes– Let’s start our list with this exciting collection of metal uh… sticks from Garret Wade. Here at the Stoner Mom house we have the exact set. These are an essential tool for maintaining all way of smoking accessories. I use these to unclog delicate glass bowls, to clean to tightest spots in various glass pieces, to pack bowls tightly without using my fingertips, for handling sticky wax. A dozen picks and probes are inexpensive and have hundreds of uses for any man.


Coloring for Grown Ups

2. Coloring book for Grownups-  Give the guy permission to get his color on by providing this hilarious coloring book and some smelly markers. His evening just got planned.


Pax Vaporizer3. Pax– Pax has some amazing reviews and what stoner wouldn’t benefit from a discreet and sexy vaporizer?


Cards Against Humanity

4. Cards Against Humanity– One google image search will clue you in on why any stoner guy would love this.


Water Bong

5. A fresh new piece of glass-  This particular piece impresses with a two eight arm chambers to filter his smoke.



6. A nice percolator: If you don’t want to drop three bones on a huge glass bong you can still class up stoner guys smoking experience with something to add-on to his current piece. This percolator has an eight arm tree and a soothing price tag.


Xbox One7. Xbox One- Okay. Now listen. I’m a wife, and I can see how this may be a somewhat unpopular idea. I mean, will he still take out the garbage? Will he start staying up until 3am? Aren’t those games violent? To this I say give the guy a chance to do something just for him. Maybe, just maybe, if he’s a decent guy, he’ll love you even more for this gift. In my husband’s own words “best present I’ve ever gotten”. That’s all wifey needs to hear.


GTA5 Xbox One

8. Grand Theft Auto V- He needs something to play on the above xbox. Rude, crude, and offensive in every way, Grand Theft Auto Five has hands down the best story development, characters and gameplay. Epic in scope and providing hours upon hours of entertainment, don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking turns with the controller.


Sony a6000

9. Sony A600- Capturing all life’s images on your phone will paint it lifeless and drab. A man needs a camera. This one has crazy good reviews and tops the list of best mirrorless camera for under $1000.

$649 body

Antique Pocket Watch

10. Antique Pocket Watch- Maybe your stoner guy is like my husband, and has a weakness for the trappings of gentlemen of the past. He has handkerchiefs and a pocket watch and a collection of lovely tobacco pipes. A watch like this is a great conversation starter, and what stoner doesn’t need stuff to yak endlessly about?


Apothecary Herb Jars

11. Herb Jars-  If homeboy is keeping his weed in ziplock baggies, he needs some help. I LOVE these beautiful glass herb jars. Keeping your bud away from moisture, heat, and light will protect and prolong its potency.


1940's Stash Box

12. 1940’s Radio Stash Box-  A repurposed Zenith radio is transformed into the coolest stash box evah. 


Black Walnut Stash Box

13. Handcrafted Black Walnut Stash Box- Or for the old man stoner, a hand carved work of art may suit him better for storing his meds.


Marijuana Vans

14.  Black on White Marijuana Vans-  Can you imagine his face when he unwraps these babies? Cannabis leaves on the stoner guys footwear staple.


Leather iPad/Portfolio Case

15. Handmade Leather iPad Portfolio Case-  This repurposed and chic hand-stitched leather portfolio case will give him a polished look at work, while corralling all his stuff. A place for his iPad and his Pax, sounds good to me!


iPhone Dock

16. iPhone Dock- Who doesn’t need this gorgeous bamboo phone dock? Minimalist, beautiful, and able to lay portrait or landscape.


Classic Docking Caddy

17. Classic Station Desk Caddy-  If he’s got more stuff on his bedside table than you, how about this handy caddy to make it all look like it’s supposed to be there? Best part, stoner guy will be less likely to ask you where his keys are.


Gucci Sunglasses

18. Sunglasses for Grownups-  The Stoner Mom is a firm believer that men need grown-up things. Usher him into the adult world with a pair of decent sunglasses. If James Bond can do it so can he.


Parrot Zik Headphones

19. Parrot Zik, high-end headphones-  Lou Reed probably has an idea what he’s talking about when it comes to acoustics. These headphones are seriously bad ass. With a touch control panel connected with Bluetooth, a slide of stoner guy’s finger  on the right headphone will skip to the next track or adjust the volume. Yeah.


Hit It Panties

20. Hit It panties-  If the guy in question is one who enjoys certain liberties with you, these babies are sure to get him lifted. PS. they are for you to wear when gifting to him. Not for him to wear. Unless that’s his thing. In which case that’s cool too.



The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.