2014 Gifts for Stoner Girls!

I am super excited to share the first installment of my first holiday gift guide! Truth be told, stoners are not hard to shop for. I mean, buy an 1/8th of something exotic and the average stoner would be charmed. But sometimes you don’t want your beautiful wife opening up an oz of weed in front of the kids on Christmas morning. The following are twenty great gifts for the women in your life, curated by The Stoner Mom.




1. Magic Flight Box: Original Maple Launch Box Kit. A classy woman values discretion and health. Why not surprise the lady in your life with this well reviewed, small, and gorgeously crafted vaporizer. Talk about discreet! This calls a lot less attention than a giant water bong.





2. Hempz body lotion: A classic of the boudoir, Hempz is an organic moisturizer made from natural hemp seed. Smells amazing, super hydrating and absorbs easily. A favorite.


il_570xN.505958808_eluw3. Floral Vintage Fabric Hand Embroidered Stash Bag– Toss your grinder, weed and lighter in this adorable handmade bag and there’s no doubt what you’ve got goin’ on in there.





4. The Original Beauty Station: Makeup Organizer and Display Case with Docking Station for Phones and Tablets. One of The Stoner Mom’s top choices for the season, this beautifully crafted makeup organizer and docking station is something that few women would think to ask for, but would delight all.



5. Gogopipes Mini Binger Glass Water Pipe: Super discreet, fits in a cup-holder, hits hard and small enough to fit in a makeup bag (yes, I’ve done it), this affordable mini-bong is a no brainer for any stoner on your list.





6. Cutting Board Style iPad Stand:  Some kitchen tasks are pretty damn tedious. This handcrafted iPad stand lets mom watch her shows while her hands are slimy with chicken parts.




7. Stardust 14k gold and diamond dust necklace– This beautiful handmade and eco friendly necklace is sure to delight the sophisticated woman on your list.




8. Custom 14k Name Necklace– I had the child version of this necklace made for the BFF’s uniquely named child. Feminine and delicate and sure to become one of your lady’s most sentimental pieces.




9. 14k Gold Filled Chevron Bar Bracelet– A modern and unstuffy piece she can wear every day.




10. THC Molecule Necklace– A statement piece for the structural chemist in all of us.




11. 14k Marijuana Leaf Earrings- Cannabis leaf post earrings, delicate and subtle enough to wear to school pick-up.




12. Mountable kitchen phone and tablet holder. Free up her valuable counter space free with this clamp style phone holder.




13. Dope on a Rope Soap. Locally made in Colorado, rich, high quality hemp oil soaps for her to bring into the tub while you watch the kids.




14. Brass Pear Stash Box. A vintage charmer ready to hold her secret treasures. Make the gift extra sweet by throwing some quality nuggets in there. Happy Holidays!




15. Vegan Leather Marijuana Leaf Clutch. This bag would make any mama happy as a purse organizer or wallet. She can keep her makeup neat and organized or even use as an adorable stash bag for tokes on the go.



il_570xN.681709183_47ys16. French Apothecary Jar. Alright, get ready to drool. This enormous vintage apothecary jar is hand painted and ships from France. She will probably cry when she opens it.



il_fullxfull.694656643_b4oj17. Luxury Stash Box. My favorite item on this years list, this handmade box crafted from sustainably harvested birch and laminated walnut is simply the most elegant stash box I have seen.




18. Color me Calm Coloring book for Meditation and Relaxation. Coloring is not just for kids. Give mom her own coloring book and some high quality colored pencils and save yourself a therapy bill.




19. Vintage Cannabis Botanical Print. Frame several botanical prints and she’s got an instant gallery for the home.



SC4PL-2__15836.1405397736.1280.128020. Large Space Case Grinder. Grinding her herb will make it burn evenly and collects kief. This top quality grinder has a hand crank for those delicate hands you love so much.




The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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