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The Ultimate Stoner Holiday Gift Guide

Season’s greetings Stoners! It’s the most wonderful time of the year when we celebrate a cannabis Christmas, a very high Hanukkah, a Kush-filled Kwanzaa, or maybe just a good old secular stoner sesh. I don’t discriminate, so come gather around stoner mom and let’s reflect on another year of cannabis innovation with a few bong rips and a lot of cool gear!

This year for the guide I am sharing a highly curated list of some of 2019’s best cannabis-related offerings. With everything from the gift of glass, to high tech vaporizers, edibles, and accessories, these items make great gifts and are sure to bring joy to any stoner.

While you’re checking out my holiday picks, be sure to watch the videos in each category! My videos give a much more in-depth look at everything I’ve included. New for this year, I’ve split up my usual incredibly-long video, into several shorter sessions for easier viewing. There are seven videos in this post!

I’m wishing all my readers and viewers the warmest of holiday seasons. Please enjoy my picks for this year’s stoner gifts, and have the happiest and highest of holidays!

The Gift of Glass

Aside from frosty cannabis flower, the best gift for a stoner is quality, functional glass. From dab rigs to chillums, first bongs to showpieces, here are my top picks for giving the gift of glass.


For the Wake and Baker

GRAV® Coffee Mug | $89.99 at
use code STONERMOM for 20% off through December

Start your day off right! No adult cannabis lover can turn down the Coffee Cup bubbler by GRAV. This adorable bubbler offers a familiar design that is easy to hold and feels great to hit from. The perc and smoke pathway are built into the mug’s handle, giving this piece a unique and enjoyable look and feel. With top-notch performance and a pleasing design, this piece makes your next bowl the perfect cuppa.

For a Beginners First Bong

LA Pipes Donut Base Bong | $49.99 at
use code hohoho for 20% off

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. A stoner’s first bong should be affordable, easy to maintain, and produce a lot of smoke. A big base for a lot of filtration and an ice catcher for added cooling is all that’s necessary. This simple 8-inch donut base bong by LA Pipes checks all the boxes.

For the Sophisticated Stoner

Heir Water Pipe in Gold | currently on sale! $260 $220 from

My favorite new piece this year! The Heir water pipe is the most aesthetically pleasing bong I’ve ever seen, and has been on my wish list for as long as I’ve been a stoner! This year I finally got my hands on one and I cannot recommend it enough. Sleek and gorgeous, this innovative design looks more like an expensive water bottle than the bongs we’ve grown accustomed to. Designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life, the Heir is effortless to clean and easy to fill with water and ice. A showstopper!

For the Stoner Who Loves Beautiful Things

The China Glass Zhou Dynasty Bong | *as shown $220 from

The China Glass always makes the list! Featured year after year here, pieces by The China Glass are elegant and timeless and make a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates beauty in their cannabis routine.

I have an impressive collection of these pieces and can attest to their beauty and function. New to my collection is the Huangdi-Qin Dynasty Bong. 9 inches tall and featuring The China Glass’s signature gold leaf art, this piece is beautiful enough to display.

For the Stoner Who’s Still Bitter About that Game of Thrones ending

MJ Arsenal Dregg Mini Rig | $59.99 at
use code hohoho for 20% off

Become your own Khaleesi. This little dragon egg dab rig is so adorable it will renew your love of dragons and help you forget a disappointing series finale. The limited-edition Dregg mini rig by MJ Arsenal combines artful craftsmanship and superior function with this delicate dab rig.

For the Glass Snob

GRAV® Small Wide Base Water Pipe | $99 at
use code STONERMOM for 20% off through December

GRAV® is an industry leader when it comes to thoughtfully designed glass. Home of Helix, STAX, and Jane West, GRAV specializes in quality pieces at an affordable price.

The Wide Based Water Pipe is one of the prettiest pieces I’ve come across this year. With the elegant lines of a genie bottle or wine decanter, this beautiful piece produces generous amounts of flavorful smoke. With a fixed downstem and perc to prevent damage, and a narrow tube to the mouthpiece to prevent splashback, this expertly designed water pipe will impress the pickiest of glass enthusiasts.

For the Social Stoner

GRAV® Large Gravitron® | $63.99 from
use code STONERMOM for 20% off through December

I cannot even tell you about the madcap hijinks that ensued recently after several gravity bong rips with my husband. The Gravitron gravity bong by GRAV delivers the most potent hits you can imagine, making your next social stoner session a great success. If you’re looking for a high that will have you reminiscing of your earliest stoner days, pick up this bad boy. Ours looks right at home among the many bottles in our bar.

For the Stoner On-the-Go

GRAV® Helix™ Chillum | $23.99 from
use code STONERMOM for 20% off through December

I’ve loved my Helix water pipe for a long time, and the Helix Chillum is the petite pipe version of it. Like all Helix pieces, it features the signature Venturi chamber mouthpiece with three air intake holes that cool and spin smoke. A colored marble prevents the chillum from rolling when not in use.

Elevated Stoner Storage

Store your cannabis responsibly and in style with my top pics for cannabis storage solutions.


For the Highly Organized Stoner

Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray | starting at $79.99, *as shown $84.99 from
use code STONERMOMS for 20% off 

Made in Denver, Colorado from locally sourced wood, Blazy Susan’s premium crafted rolling trays and lazy susans are the perfect accessory for the stoner who values organization. The spinning rolling trays come with a variety of built-in slots to hold all your stoner accessories within one space. Customize your Blazy Susan with options like specialized silicone inserts, dab pads, and various wood styles and colors.

For the Stylish Stoner

Rob Rodney Bag | Little $109, Big $159 at
Check out my full review of Rob Rodney bags as well as how I keep mine organized here.

These luxurious locking leather bags are my favorite new cannabis storage solution from this year! Each bag is made with buttery genuine leather and featuring lux details like magnetic accessory bags, integrated lock, glass and bamboo jars, and steel construction with an unbreakable zipper. These hand-crafted bags make a fantastic gift for the sophisticated stoner.

For the Responsible Cannabis Consumer

Stashlogix Bags and Cases | Large Silverton Case $59 from
use code stonermom for 15% off 
Check out my review of Stashlogix here, and how I use them to store my large cannabis collection here.

Originally designed for mom and for dad to keep the kid safe, our products have evolved from parent friendly stash bags to stylish handbags and cases for citizens everywhere.

Stashlogix has long been one of my favorite brands. With an incredible product lineup that is always expanding and maturing, Stashlogix has the perfect storage solution for every possible type of stoner. I have no less than eight of their bags, and I cannot recommend them enough. Featuring smell-proof construction, integrated locks, and customizable interior, Stashlogix bags are a true stoner essential for anyone who values safety and discretion.

Accessories and Stocking Stuffers

It doesn’t have to be big to make a stoner happy! Here are some of my favorite gifts
that will fit nicely into your loved one’s stocking!



For the Cigar Aficionado

Purple Rose Supply Cannagar CannaMold Kit | Starting at $44 at

Slow-burning and mind-blowingly potent, a well-rolled cannagar offers the ultimate smoking experience. Lasting around ten times longer than the average joint, a cannagar can be packed with anything you want, from a blend of your favorite strains to the concentrates of your choice. Pre-made cannagars sold in dispensaries can be incredibly expensive, but Purple Rose Supply’s CannaMold gives you the power to roll your own custom cigar at home.

Pack your mold with your choice of flower and concentrate, let sit for several hours, then wrap your cannagar core in a fan leaves or a premade wrap. Everything you need to make a cannagar that will burn for hours is available from Purple Rose Supply.

For the Stoner who Stans

Nestpark Official Grinders | $12.99 and up on

Nestpark’s Official grinders are the perfect accessory for the stoner with particular pop culture interests. I gave my Star Wars loving husband the Official Death Star grinder for Christmas last year, and it definitely put a big smile on his face. Check out Nestpark’s line of grinders that pay homage to Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, Pokemon and more.

For the Discreet Vaper

Philter Vape and Smoke Filters | Pocket $14.99, Phlip $29.99 at 
use code SM30 for 30% off!

Philter makes the smallest smoke and vapor filters I’ve seen. The Pocket is perfect for stashing in your car or purse for discreet clouds wherever you go. The Phlip is especially smart, fitting onto any pen-style vape so your filter is always right where you need it.

For the Stealthy Stoner

Sploofy V3 Personal Smoke Filter | $19.99 at

I swear by my Sploofys! These handy personal filters have a place in anyone’s stoner session. Featuring an eco-friendly cartridge and long-lasting replaceable filter system, the Sploofy is the solution for an odor-free smoke space.

Innovative Vaporizers and Pipes

From a battery-free vaporizer to a pipe that is unrecognizable as a pipe, this year I’m featuring some of the most innovative stoner devices on the market.



For Ultimate Dabbing Freedom

G Pen Connect Vaporizer by Grenco Science | $134 from
More of my reviews of Grenco Science vaporizers can be found here.

New Release! The G Pen Connect is the newest and much-anticipated addition to Grenco Science’s popular line of portable vaporizers. This revolutionary design for efficient concentrate consumption makes dabs available within five seconds without the hassle of a torch or exposed nail. The G pen Connect pairs with any glass on glass water piece making high-quality vapor production possible with your existing water pipe, bong, or bubbler.

Lightning fast and a breeze to use, I cannot recommend this portable electronic dab rig enough! I love its spring-loaded built-in carb as well as its many magnetic parts. It’s also extremely easy to clean and maintain. The Connect has a ceramic heating element and uses patented reverse airflow technology for even, efficient, and flavorful hits. Its powerful battery can handle several sessions and supports pass-through charging so you never miss a dab.

For the Terpene Purest

DynaVap “M” Starter Pack | $120 from

DynaVap’s lineup of vaporizers are crafted to deliver the best flavors and aromas through sleek mechanical designs, unrivaled airflow, and industry-leading battery-free technology.

I’ve never used anything like the small battery-free vaporizers by DynaVap, and it didn’t take long before I was hooked. These vaporizers use a small torch to heat your cannabis within seconds. A condenser tube inside the vaporizer serves as a “heat exchanger to condense and cool the vapor as it travels through the device”. Honestly, I’m still learning how it works, but I am wholly impressed by the amount of rich, visible vapor I get when using these. The flavor produced is truly unrivaled, making this an optimal gift for the terpene connoisseur.

DynaVap’s vaporizers are perfect for the detail-oriented, gadget lovers on your list. They have a large and active following and I can see why! These customizable tiny vaporizers are the perfect source of obsession for the flower purest.

For the Modern Stoner on the Down Low

Genius Water-Free Dab Rig | $120 at
Genius Pipe | $89.99 at

Genius Pipe has created an iconic and innovative pipe that is hardly recognizable as a pipe. It is the epitome of the elegance possible in today’s modern cannabis industry, and I freaking love it. Made from nearly indestructible anodized aluminum, with a travel-friendly profile slim enough to fit in a pocket or small purse, the Genius Pipe is the perfect piece for the discreet stoner on the go. Simply pack the bowl, attach the magnetic cover, and you’re off! Your flower is hidden and secure until you’re ready to use it.

The unique, dimpled surface inside the Genius moves smoke through thousands of micro-vortices for extreme cooling and water-free filtration. The result is smoke that highlights the authentic flavor and aroma for each cannabis strain.

For concentrate lovers, pick up the Genius Pipe Water Free Dab Rig bundle. It includes the revolutionary Genius Pipe, as well as a Genius Taster that will turn your pipe into a portable dab rig. Attach the Genius Taster, heat with a torch, and you’ll get thick, cooled and filtered vapor, no water necessary.

Gifts for Growers

Taking control of your medicine and wellness by growing your own is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It also makes you extremely easy to shop for! Join me and my husband/personal grower David, as we share our selections of gifts that will impress any cannabis grower.



For Getting Up Close

T-H-See Maginfier | $30 at

Custom engraving available! Made in Colorado, the T-H-See is a great gift for any grower. You need a magnifier to view the trichomes on your plants to know the optimal time to harvest. The T-H-See is a classy 40x magnifier that can also be used as a macro lens for your phone.

For Accurate Readings

Bluelab pH & PPM Complete Starter Kit with Storage & Calibration Solution | $156.42 at

The Bluelab PH and PPM starter kit is an essential tool for any grower. We’ve used many inexpensive PH meters over the years and they never stay calibrated. The Bluelab PH meter stays calibrated so you know every time what your ph levels are at.. The bonus PPM meter will tell you how much food your plants are consuming and how much water or nutrients they need.

For Perfectly Dried Cannabis

HerbsNow Cannabis Dryer | $149.99 at

The Herbs Now cannabis dryer will shorten your dry time with no terpene loss. You will have far more control over your drying regardless of your drying environment. The perfect gift for any grower!

For Setting Up Your Own Home Grow

Black dog LED Complete Grow Kits | starting at $2406.84 at
use code stonermom10 for 10% off a complete grow kit

Complete Grow Kits featuring the award-winning lights we use in our home grow! Grow kits by Black Dog LED are the most complete grow kit solution you can find. Give the grower on your list everything they need to start their own personal grow. Choose from a variety of sizes based on the space you have to devote to growing. The typical harvest size in our 3.25 x 3.25 grow tent is around 2 pounds each time. All of this and the most powerful grow light on the market backed by a 5-year warranty.

Recommended CBD and Hemp Flower

Because pretty much everyone can benefit from adding a little CBD into their life.



Happy Flower Company Holiday Gift Set | Hemp for Happy People

Happy Flower Company Holiday Gift Sets | $85 at
Learn more about my legal online hemp store here!

Use code HAPPYHOLIDAY for 20% off through December! Happy Holidays!

Obviously, my favorite item on this year’s holiday list! Happy Flower Company is my own brand of premium, organic, CBD-rich hemp flower. All our flower is hand-selected by myself and my husband David, and ships straight out of my house! This is our first holiday season since Happy Flower Company launched, and we made it extra special by putting together a high-end holiday gift set at a great price.

Each gift set features three of our legal, hand-selected premium CBD strains: Charlotte’s Wife, Cherry OG, and Sweet Tea. We’ve also included a powerful hand-crank grinder with a built-in kief catcher, a GRAV Classic Spoon Pipe in Amber or Mint, and 10 ft of hemp wick. It’s the perfect way to introduce someone you love to the healing of hemp.

Plain Jane

Plain Jane CBD flower, pre-rolled CBD joints, and hemp cigarettes |
Learn more about Plain Jane’s products in this post and here.

The makers of my favorite low-odor hemp cigarettes have greatly expanded their product line to include full hemp flower, beautifully packaged pre-rolls, CBD shatter, kief, oils, and more. They offer a wide variety of Oregon-grown CBD strains and are one of the few brands that carry hemp that is high in CBG. I highly recommend their CBD shatter which is incredible to dab and provides an instant mood lift.


CBDMD and PawCBD |
Read my full review of CBDMD here.

CBDMD is an industry leader specializing in premium CBD products for all walks of life. Carrying high-quality tinctures, gummies, bath bombs and so much more, CBDMD is a reputable source of CBD that won’t disappoint.

Their PawCBD line features veterinarian formulated products, great for tucking into Fido’s stocking this holiday to help relieve pet anxiety, hip and joint pain, and other bothersome conditions. And, like all the CBD I recommend here, CBDMD’s third-party lab results are frequently updated and available right on their website.

Jess & Jane’s

Jess & Jane’s CBD and Essential Oil Rollers | starting at $24 at 
use code HOLIDAY for 20% off

Jess & Jane’s three distinct blends of essential oils, natural botanicals, and organic CBD are the perfect stocking stuffer for the aromatherapy lover in your life.

Incorporating essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint, these rollers are without a doubt the best smelling CBD topicals I’ve tried. With delicate glass bottles and easy roll-on application, Jess & Jane’s rollers are great for targeted relief and aromatherapy. Simply roll onto wrists, temples, or wherever you are experiencing pain. Choose from three blends: Relax (25 mg CBD), Revive (25 mg CBD) and Relieve (50 mg CBD).

CBD for Life

CBD for Life Wellness and Skin Care |

CBD for Life is a wellness and self-care brand that’s been here since the beginning. They are not just riding the popular CBD wave. I love these products so much I included their massage lotion in my Stoner Mom Essentials boxes back in 2017. Their lavender rub is still my family’s favorite CBD topical and we use it all the time for inflammation and pain relief. This is the brand I reach for when relieving my kids’ growing pains at bedtime!

CBD for Life carries wellness products like topicals and roll-ons, and skincare like face cream, cleansers, and lip balms. They even have CBD shampoo and conditioner! My favorite eye cream of all time is their Pure CBD Eye Serum, which goes on smooth, absorbs quickly, and brightens and tightens my eye area every night. I love applying it both at night before bed and in the morning under makeup.


Medterra CBD |
Free 250mg .5 oz tincture with purchase over $50 valid through dec. 31st – Code momholiday
Read my full review of Medterra CBD here

I owe my mental well-being to Medterra! This is the brand I relied on when I went off antidepressants and began a new journey of mental health with CBD (read about that process here). Medterra offers flavorless tinctures, topicals, tablets and more, all made with CBD from organic Kentucky hemp. And, as a popular industry leader, Medterra is available in retail stores across the country, including CVS and Walmart.

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals Pure CBD Oil |
use code TSMom20 for 20% off 

Featured in my Best of Colorado post! NuLeaf Naturals keeps it simple with their line of pure CBD oil. Since 2014, this brand has produced high-grade, pure CBD oil for humans and pets. Their full-spectrum, whole-plant, CO2 extracted oil is packed full of cannabinoids and terpenes and contains no additives. NuLeaf Naturals products are made from Colorado hemp plants, from farms using organic and sustainable farming practices.

Edibles and Cannabis Cooking

Whether you’re looking for the best commercial edibles or ways to make your own at home, the holidays are a perfect time to give the gift of a cannabis-infused treat.



Wana | Enhance you Life

Wana Brands Edibles |

This year I really fell for Wana’s many different infused edibles. They carry sour gummies, tarts, drops, capsules in optimal THC:CBD ratios for consistent and precise effects. Their Kiwi Strawberry drops are my favorite and contain a 1:1 ratio of 6 mg THC and CBD. I also recommend their Hibiscus Lemonade Sativa tarts, with 5 mg of THC, perfect to keep on-hand for an elevating effect whenever you need it.

Wana Brands was also the first cannabis brand in Colorado to make sustainability a priority, with new environmentally conscious packaging!

1906 | Global plant medicine + single strain cannabis

1906 |
Read my many reviews of 1906 products: Love | Go | Genius | Bliss | Chill | Midnight

My favorite edibles are always a recommendation for gift giving! 1906’s premium chocolates (and now tablets) have been thoughtfully developed to enhance six attributes necessary for a balanced life; energy, focus, relaxation, sleep, happiness, and arousal. New this year are Genius drops, the first cannabis edible developed for cognitive function and focus.

Ardent Nova | Activation and Infusion in One

Ardent Nova Decarboxylation and Infusion Device | $210 from
use code STONERMOM for $30 off 

A new find for me! The Ardent Nova is a precision decarboxylation and infusion device that effortlessly activates and infuses your cannabis so you can go on to make oils, sublinguals, topicals, and edibles. Quiet and odorless, the Ardent Nova is easy to use and is an essential tool for the DIYer ready to take control of their medicine with precise potency and effects.

Also check out their new infusion kits that include everything you need (besides the weed!) to make infused coconut oil, olive oil, and even Magic Shell chocolate!

Magical Butter Machine | The OG countertop extractor and infuser

MagicalButter Machine MB2e | $124.95 from
Check out my video using the Magical Butter device here.

The Magical Butter device gives you the freedom and flexibility to make your own infused butter, oil, alcohol, lotions, and more. We’ve had ours for a few years and always bust it out during the holiday season when infused cookies are especially fun. Combining an immersion blender, programmable thermostat, and heating unit, the Magical Butter device does all the work and even puts on a fun light show while it’s doing it.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post and watch my videos! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Until next time, please remember to be safe and responsible with your cannabis use, always be kind, and in the immortal words of Dr. Dre, smoke weed ‘erry day. Happy holidays!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


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