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The Stoner Mom’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Season’s greetings Stoners! It is once again, my favorite time, and my favorite post of the year! I look forward to this stoner gift guide every single year, and this one is no different. Though 2020 gave us quite the shit sandwich, we can still squeeze out a little joy with cannabis and all the fun that goes with it. And that is what this post is about! Getting high and having fun reflecting on how far the cannabis industry has come.

This year I’m sharing my favorite cannabis finds from 2020. From jaw-dropping glass to innovative vaporizers, holiday-ready edibles, to stoner stocking stuffers, I’ve got something here for every type of cannabis lover!

I’m wishing all my readers and viewers the warmest of holiday seasons. Stay home, stay safe, and hold each other tight! Please enjoy my picks for this year’s stoner gifts, and have the happiest and highest of holidays!

The Gift of Fresh Glass

What’s better than unwrapping frosty cannabis on the holidays? How about quality, functional glass! From showpieces to first bubblers, sleek pipes, and gravity bongs, here are my top picks for giving the gift of glass.

For the Stoner Who Loves Big Rips

20″ Lookah Rocket Percolator Glass Pipe Water Pipe | $199.99 at
See it in action in my Holiday Gift Guide video at 5:36

My favorite new bong of 2020! At a whopping 20 inches tall, the Lookah Rocket Percolator Glass water pipe is a bong for the serious stoner. Big and gorgeous, this Lookah piece features a 10 arm jellyfish perc and two large puck-shaped recyclers. Smoke and vapor are moved through the piece for serious percolation and smooth, milky hits.

For a Modern Silhouette

Session Bong in standard charcoal | $120 from
Check out my unboxing and review of the Session Bong here.
View in the Holiday Gift Video at 1:12:20
Save 10% with code STONERMOM

Delivering smooth, potent hits, and a breeze to clean and maintain, the Session bong is a Stoner Mom favorite. With a modern silhouette and silicone skirt to hide unsightly bong water, the Session bong fits seamlessly into any cannabis-friendly home. It comes in an elegant box, perfect for gift giving and long-term storage. Additionally, the Session bong comes with two bowls and two down-stems, so you always have a backup should the inevitable stoner accident occur.

Session bong comes in charcoal as standard. You can also personalize the look of your piece with different colored silicone portions at an additional cost. Choose from celery green, indigo blue, and blush pink. You can also pick up silicone cleaning caps perfectly shaped for effectively cleaning the Session bong.

Session pipe in celery | $40 at
Save 10% with code STONERMOM

Session also has a beautiful, tapered glass pipe for those looking for a more portable solution. It features an ash-catching indent for clean hits as well as a flat base and roll stops so it can sit upright or lay flat on its side while you pack a bowl. Each pipe comes with a silicone sleeve that protects your piece and keeps your herb and ash contained as you’re on the go.

For a Stoner’s First Glass

Affordable and durable glass from Glassics |
Check out my video review of Glassics here.
View in the Holiday Gift Video at 17:48
Save 10-30% off the entire site through the rest of 2020

Glassics offers highly functional glass at affordable prices. Based out of Seattle, Glassics is an online headshop focusing on function, simplicity, and affordable pricing. I’m a huge fan of this company’s carefully curated selection and simple presentation. Carrying scientific glass bongs, bubblers, rigs, and accessories, Glassics’ catalog is sure to satisfy both the veteran smoker and the newbie stoner. Glassic’s Thick Glass collection is a favorite, featuring 9 mm thick glass. That’s almost twice as thick as traditional bongs.

7″ Tree Percolator Curved Neck Bubbler | $40 at

This 7″ Tree Perc Curved-Neck Bubbler paired with the G Pen Connect, has become my go-to set up for dabs. This piece uses a reinforced tree perc with 6 diffused arms for 360° of smoke diffusion and water filtration. The curved-neck helps prevent water splashback and its compact size is perfect for being easily cleaned, transported, and stored. Use with flower with the included 14mm Globe Bowl, or add a banger or G Pen Connect for concentrates.

For the Heady Glass Collector

Some of my favorite heady glass pieces by Empire Glassworks |
View in the Holiday Gift Guide video at 1:03:44

Heady glass is a term used to distinguish high-quality blown glass pieces found in a range of creative styles and colors, from the simple scientific glass that focuses on function (the Glassics pieces above are a great example of scientific glass). Heady glass is made to be unique and beautiful, and high prices reflect the work put into creating each piece of art. Pieces considered as “heady glass” are often one-of-a-kind, with unique variations occurring in each piece.

When it comes to heady glass, no one does it quite like Empire Glassworks. This iconic California brand has been making detailed glass art since 2013, and as you can see, I’ve spent a good part of 2020 building up my collection of their work. 

White Blue Water Bottle individually handcrafted art piece | $310 at

The newest addition to my Empire Glassworks collection is the white and blue Water Bottle bubbler. This individually crafted art piece hits like an absolute dream and its quirky design is appreciated by glass lovers.

Empire Glass pieces can be found for sale on their shop site, Having trouble finding the Empire Glass piece of your dreams? Check out their approved retailers for more selection.

For the Sleek and Discreet Stoner

MOB Glass OG Hanger | $74.99 at
View in Holiday Gift Guide video at 51:18
10% off sitewide

This low-profile MOB Glass piece from Cloud9 Smoke Co. is a fantastic daily driver. Small, discreet, and easy to stash, this cute piece is perfect for big rips on the down-low. I use mine as a bubbler for my flower, but add a banger and it would make a great dab rig.

The MOB Glass OG Hanger is the ideal mix of style and functionality. It stands around 5-inches tall and features a fixed stem design with a single inline percolator. Offering great smoke diffusion and filtering, the MOB Glass OG Hanger is all about savoring the terpenes in your favorite strain or concentrate. Its wide footprint keeps your piece from tipping over, and the angled neck prevents splashback. Choose from smoke, purple, or blue details.

For the Social Stoner

Stündenglass™ Gravity Bong | $499.95 at
Watch my first sesh with the Studenglass in this video.
VIew it in my Holiday Gift Guide at exactly one hour in.

A Show Stopper! The Stündenglass™ is a guaranteed stunner, designed for the true cannabis aficionado. This high-end gravity bong features 360° rotating glass orbs generating a constant stream of smoke or vapor through water displacement and gravity. Made famous years ago with a viral video featuring Seth Rogan, the Stündenglass became a legend among stoners, existing only in dreams until this year when it finally became available for purchase.

Constructed using the highest quality materials, including borosilicate glass globes and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah elicits an immersive experience whilst delivering smooth, consistent and vaporous draws. –

This gravity bong is so much fun and greatly enhances a standard stoner session. The 45° adjustable mouthpiece makes contactless consumption a breeze, and the constant rotating orbs make for a bowl or dab that just keeps going and going. The Studenglass is compatible with any smoking or vaporization device with a 14mm male joint. Pair this baby with the G Pen connect and you will see stars!

Stundenglass comes with a hookah bowl kit, a traditional bowl for flower, and a 3-foot silicone hose for direct draws. An extended 10-year warranty backs its patented design. Studenglass comes ready for gifting in a large reusable box for long term storage and safe transportation.

Super durable, futuristic in design and superb in function, the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah stands alone at the pinnacle of smoking and vaporization devices. –

Cannabis Accessories and Stoner Stocking Stuffers

From joint clips to gorgeous vapes, here are my top picks for slipping into a stoner’s stocking!

For the PreRoll and Joint Lover

Alligator Clips | $25 at

Alligator clips are an easily forgotten stoner essential! Save your lover’s eyelashes and nose with a cute clip for joints and prerolls. I get so much more life out of my prerolls when I use an alligator clip! The ones above are my favorites from Empire Glassworks, but you can find these affordable accessories all over the internet in a variety of styles. Hit up Etsy for vintage cigarette holders and handmade roach clips. Like, how cute is this one?!

For Brightening up an Existing Bong

Upgraded bowls | $27.00 at and $45+ at

A stoner essential! Every stoner should have an extra bowl on hand, just in case of accidents. Instead of a plain option, choose something a little more exciting for an instant bong upgrade. Even the oldest and most well-loved bubbler can benefit from a mini facelift in the form of a fresh bowl. The selections above are from and My favorite is the pink Mob Glass dotted horn slide. It’s large enough to hold a lot of cannabis, and the horn slide is so convenient for easy clearing. I use it with my Mob Glass OG Hanger and it is the best set up for big hits with a little piece.

For the Celestial Stoner

Constellation grinder | $60 at
View in my Holiday Gift Guide at 1:15:00

Help artists and small businesses this holiday season by supporting your favorite online inspirations. I saw these gorgeous constellation grinders being shared on Twitter and knew I had to have one for my own sign, Pisces. The grinders are metal, with a resin top and bottom, so no resin comes in contact with the grinding mechanics. This Florida artist creates adorable one of a kind cannabis accessories at their online shop

For Classy Cannabis Decorating

Wooden Cannabis Ornaments | $5 at
View in Holiday Gift Guide at 19:34
Save 20% with code StonerMom20
Free shipping on orders over $15 with code freeshipping15

Support small businesses! These classy cannabis ornaments have plenty of uses! Southside Ornaments is a small Texas business crafting these charming wood ornaments in a variety of stoner-friendly designs. Decorate your tree, or use with gift wrapping. Each ornament is laser cut from thin wood and comes with hemp twine for hanging. The cannabis leaf designs are my favorites!

The Cutest Vape on Earth

Mi-Pod Vapes from Get Your Wax On |  $39.99 at
View in the Holiday Gift Guide at 42:08
5% off your order until 12/14/20 with code HOLIDAY2020

I have been lusting after these Mi-Pod vapes ever since I saw Lana del Rey using them on her Instagram stories, music videos, and live performances. Talk about influenced! Thank goodness my favorite local head shop, Get Your Wax On, carries them! I fill the pods with my favorite Avida CBD e-juice and I’ve got instant delicious and cooling clouds wherever I go. I absolutely adore these vapes and always have one on-hand. They are so cute and small and come in a variety of eye-catching styles.

One of a Kind Small Batch Pottery

Custom debowler ashtray | NMBCeramics on Etsy
View in the Holiday Gift Guide at 1:16:53

This year is a great time to support the artists that inspire you by picking up their wares for holiday gifting. With unemployment at a record high and most of us staying busy at home, one-of-a-kind crafts abound on the internet, and cannabis enthusiasts are not forgotten! Head over to Etsy and start exploring!

One of my dear friends is a talented hobby potter, and collecting her pieces as her skills have developed has been such fun! You can check out her nature and life inspired art at her Etsy shop. Her debowler ashtrays are the only item she accepts preorders for, and they sell out fast, so be sure to follow her shop and Instagram so you can snag one when they’re available.

Elevated Stoner Storage

Preserve and store your cannabis safely and stylishly with my favorite storage solutions.

For Living that Responsible Cannabis Lifestyle

Stashlogix Bags and Cases | from $24
Check out my review of Stashlogix here, and how I use them to store my large cannabis collection here.
View in the Holiday Gift Guide at 1:08:00
Save 15% with code stonermom

A Gift Guide Repeat! A long time favorite concept and brand of mine, Stashlogix has an incredible product lineup that fits seamlessly into the modern stoner’s lifestyle. I have, no exaggerating, ten of these bags and cases, and each one has a specific purpose in my cannabis heavy lifestyle. Whether it’s cannabis flower, hemp flower, vape products, concentrates, or edibles, I keep it all safely stashed away in my Stashlogix bags. Featuring smell-proof construction, integrated locks, and customizable interiors, Stashlogix bags are a true stoner essential for anyone who values safety and discretion.

Bamboo and Digital SmartJars | from $18 at
Save 15% with code stonermom

New to the gift guide this year is the Stashlogix line of SmartJars. These smart stash jars feature built-in hygrometers so you can achieve the optimal humidity for your flower. Choose from digital or analog design. All jars come with a Boveda pack. Fill one with homegrown cannabis or CBD hemp flower and you’ve got an instant gift!

For the Cannabis Hoarder

Canlock Stash Jars | $15.99+ at
View in the Holiday Gift Guide at 1:07:06
15% off sitewide through Wednesday

Give the gift of fresh weed with Canlock Jars from Vape Parts Mart. These airtight storage jars are equipped with a built-in airlock pump lid. When pumped, air is removed from the jar to create a pressurized vacuum seal to keep your flower extra fresh. Available in clear glass or black, and dishwasher safe.

Gadgets and Gizmos

Go past the joint and explore the modern age of cannabis with my favorite stoner gadgets.

For Dabbing Freedom


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