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The Stoner Mom’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Season’s greetings stoners! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, my annual stoner gift guide! This year I’ve got a roundup of regulars and newcomers who all made an impression. From unique glass and a new gravity bong to innovative heating and discreet storage, I’ve got something for every cannabis enthusiast on your holiday shopping list.

Please join me in the video below while I enjoy a cozy sesh and share my top picks for holiday gift-giving. I’m wishing all of my followers the happiest and highest of holidays! Now let’s sesh!

The Gift of Glass

What’s more fun than unwrapping up a fresh new piece? From insulated water pipes to gravity infusers, here are my top picks for giving the gift of glass.

Stardust | My Bud Vase

$200 at

Talk about a showstopper! My jaw hit the floor when I unboxed the gorgeously detailed Stardust from My Bud Vase. Earn a similar response from the elegant stoner mom on your list with this thick textured glass decanter featuring hand-painted gold detailing with a matching stopper. This holiday season the Stardust comes with an additional seasonal flower for dressing up your piece in between sessions!

Vamp Set | My Bud Vase

$150 at

Harken back to the era of flappers, art deco, and prohibition, with this 10-inch porcelain vase featuring a distinctive leaf pattern. The set also includes a cloisonne logo poker, ostrich feather amulet, and an adorable set of lips and lipstick earrings!

15″ Twist Straight Tube | Red Eye Tek

$112 at

The futuristic finish on Red Eye Tek pieces is one of a kind. Impress the discerning stoner with their beautiful straight tube featuring a diamond-quilt pattern, honeycomb percolator, ice pinch, and signature diamond pullout.

Kompact Gravity Infuser | Stundenglass

$599.95 at

Just released! Meet the Kompact, the latest iteration of the legendary Studenglass gravity infuser. The Kompact has all the great features of the original, at a small size that is easier to store and take with you on the go. Use with the included hookah wand or the contactless spout for safe social sessions. And unlike the original, the Kompact comes with a beautiful and durable traveling case.

The Chill | Chill Steel Pipes

Starting from $125 at $200 for limited edition Glitterbomb series as shown. 

My favorite new piece of 2021! The Chill is hands down my favorite addition to my bong collection. These unique pieces are made from stainless steel and ceramic so your water and ice stay cold for hours at a time. Perfect for the cannabis user who hates coughing and needs cooled-down hits. The Chill’s modular design is great for maintenance and cleaning and allows for easy customization with Chill’s many looks and designs.

Gifts for the Concentrate Connisiour

From terp slurpers to cold start rigs, give a concentrate lover something that enhances their dab sessions.

Klein Recycler + Dab Kit | The Freeze Pipe

$299.95 for Klein Recycler at$359.95 for Recycler + Freeze Pipe Enail

Take a break from hot dabs with The Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler. This highly functional rig comes with two interchangeable chambers that you can pop in the freezer before a long dab session. An effortless gift that comes in a beautiful box and also includes clips to keep the modular pieces in place, a quartz banger, carb cap, and bowl for flower with a built-in glass screen. Take things to another level by bundling with the Freeze Pipe Enail.

RIO Makeover | Stache Products

$180 at
Check out my review of the RIO here.
Pick up a teal and orange RIO from my shop

My favorite rig of 2021! When I got my hands on the popular rig-in-one it was love at first sight. The RIO cold start rig provides low-temperature dabs and an all-in-one setup perfect for anyone who loves concentrates. The RIO’s rig and torch are both housed together by the base, keeping everything neatly together and taking the stress out of heating the banger. Available in a range of colors.

HAMR Cold Start Concentrate Rig | Myster

$129 sale price at

A sleek take on the all-in-one rig, the HAMR by Myster is a great gift for the terpene lover on your list. The HAMR streamlines the sometimes complicated process of dabbing by keeping everything together in one unit, and I love that there is even a spot for the carb cap. The HAMR also comes with a carrying case, and the impressive SABR torch lighter.

The Dab Rite | On Point Smoke Shop

The Dab Rite Infrared Quartz Table Top Temp Reader | $249.99 at

A dab thermometer has become an essential tool for my sessions this year. The Dab Rite is my favorite one, with its flexible arm that works with any size dab rig. Take control of your dabbing experience by monitoring the heat of your banger before inhaling. A must-have for frequent dabbers!

The Banger Box | Terporium

$55 for three months, $50 for one month, or $65 for a one-time box purchase at
Black Friday deals: 25% off everything, 40% off second quality bangers, and orders over $50 get a FREE banger with code BLACK21
Save 20% through 2021 with code STONERMOM

Enhance any dab sesh with a banger box from Terporium. Each box comes with one mystery banger and an accessory that fits with that banger, such as a carb cap with a terp pearl or a terp slurper set. It’s a great way to build up your dabbing collection. Terporium specializes in premium quality, innovative quartz pieces that are sure to impress the pickiest of dabbers. It’s the perfect gift for concentrate connoisseurs and newbies alike!


Whether you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle or the convenience of portability, check out my favorite vaporizers from the year.

Volcano Classic Vaporizer | Storz & Bickel

$383.20 sale price for Volcano Classic or $479 sale price for Gold Volcano Classic at
Read my full review of the Volcano classic here.

The Classic Volcano is now over twenty years old and still widely considered to be the best vaporizer on the market. Famous for its efficient vaporization and bag system, the Volcano is a must-have for daily or medical users that will provide years of use.

Mighty+ | Storz & Bickel

$399 at
Check out my full review of the original Mighty vaporizer here.

For a serious dry herb vaporizer that is portable, look no further than the Mighty+. Made by the legendary Storz & Bickel, you’d be challenged to find a portable device as efficient as this one. Upgraded from the original Mighty with a supercharge function, the Mighty+ reaches 80% charge in around 40 minutes.

Micro+ Concentrate Pen | G Pen

$79.95 at

I’m obsessed with this little guy! G Pen’s Micro+ works with materials like wax or shatter, and allows you to bring the joy of concentrates wherever you go. Featuring ceramic and quartz construction, haptic feedback, soft silicone mouthpiece, and hemp travel case.

The Dash Dry Herb Vaporizer | G Pen

$41.97 sale price for standard Dash at Additional collaboration colors $53.97.

Affordable, discreet, and capable of pulling big clouds, the Dash by the vaporizer giants at G pen is the perfect gift for a loved one. Small but powerful, the Dash features haptic feedback and a generously sized and easily accessible heating chamber. Encourage healthier habits in the new year with this intuitive and easy-to-use dry herb vaporizer.

Roam | G Pen

$119.97 sale price for standard Roam at

For the concentrate-lover seeking water filtration with portable convenience. The Roam is a portable device that features a unique spill-proof self-contained hydrotube. You no longer have to stay home for dabs, the Roam allows for cooled and filtered hits wherever you go.

CBD Concentrate Kit | Happy Flower Company

$120 at
20% off with code HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY
Free shipping until December 1, 2021

Every concentrate lover needs a dab straw to get the most out of their wax, shatter, or crumble. The multipurpose EVRI by Dip Device is a fantastic tool that allows the user to consume a variety of concentrate types. Use one side for cartridges and pods, and the vapor straw side for vaping solid concentrates. The Happy Flower Company Concentrate Set also comes with our popular Blueberry OG wax and cartridge.

The Neo | Prrl Labs

The Neo $199 at Terp Surfer Pipe $169 at 

If you’re ready to embrace a healthier vaping lifestyle, but not ready to ditch the bong, try the Neo by the innovators at Prrl Lab. This butane-free heating device heats the material in whatever existing bowl you have. No combustion means a cleaner and safer hit. Use with any pipe or bong, or with the Terp Surfer Pipe as shown above.

Accessories + Stocking Stuffers

Brighten a stoner’s day with these handy tools for cannabis enthusiasts.

Flower Mill Grinder

Premium with ring $99 at
Check out my review of the Flower Mill in this post.

My favorite new grinder of 2021! The Flower Mill is not just another grinder. With a unique rotor design that rolls across a screen, the flower mill crumbles your herb and produces a soft and fluffy final result that is perfect for joints, bowls, and vaporizers. The Flower Mill also features replaceable screens and a screen expansion pack that allows you to choose different sizes for the perfect grind.

The Standard Weed Storage Kit | Kooki Jar

$100 on

My storage jars of choice! I am in love with KookiJar’s cannabis storage jars with lids that magnify your flower 5x! The Standard complete weed storage kit includes everything you need for sophisticated and organized cannabis storage, including a powerful light to illuminate each and every trichome. Comes in a gift-ready box!

Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray | Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling tray | starting at $89.99 at

The best way to organize your sesh! The Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray features cutouts specialized for a cannabis session. Check out the spots for rolling, storing lighters, dab tools, bangers, and rolling papers. There’s even a spot for your phone! Customize your look with a debowler, dab station, and slap pad in a range of fun colors. Blazy Susans are available in beautiful woods like birch, cherry, and walnut as shown above.

Mini MouthPeace | Mooselabs

Mini MouthPeace Starter Kit by Mooselabs | $9.99 at

The moose labs shop is packed with health-conscious stocking stuffers that will delight any stoner on your list. This year tuck the MouthPeace mini starter set into your friend’s stocking and encourage healthy cannabis use all year round!

Battpak Power Bank and Travel Safe | Myster

$69 at

What to get the stoner who has it all? How about something to keep it all charged? The Battpak makes an unexpected and delightful gift for the modern stoner. Power all your devices with the built-in power bank, and store joints, vape pens, and more in the secret storage compartment. Features card slots, elastic strap, and magnetized interior.  And the secret compartment is simple to operate but hard to spot.

Meo Marley’s Herbal Blend Rolling Filler | Meo Marley’s

from $7.99 at

Meo Marley’s Herbal Blends are made from smokable herbs and flowers that are de-stemmed and pre-ground so they’re ready to add to any bowl or paper.  An easy and affordable way to liven up the average joint, and to enhance the beneficial properties of your sesh. These herbal blends smell amazing, with botanicals like lemon balm, mullein, sweet mint, and lots more.


Everyone can benefit from adding CBD into their routine. Check out my picks for easy cannabidiol gifting.

Papa & Barkley CBD Gift Sets

starting at $59.99 for the bliss set
Check out my review of Papa & Barkley here
Use code BFCM25 for 25% off sitewide
Cyber Monday deal: Free gift ($40 value) on orders over $150

One of my favorite CBD brands! Set a loved one on the right CBD path with the best products available. Papa & Barkley’s high-quality infusion methods make them one of my favorite brands and easy to recommend. Their products are made with zero isolates, distillates, or solvents, and their full-spectrum CBD is rich in terpenes and made with whole-plant infusion.

Papa & Barkley is ready for the holidays with super giftable CBD bundles. Check out the Bliss set for a smart start with CBD, or the Sleep set for a pampering collection of products.

Endobloom Beauty Box

$149.99 at
Check out my full review of the Endobloom line here.

Try a suite of CBD skincare products for a great price by picking up the Endobloom Beauty Box. This luxurious set Includes a cleansing wash, face lotion, two scrubs, two eye products, and five bath bombs. These products are also available individually. Try the bath bombs, they make a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list!

Happy Holidays!

Thank you all who made it this far and who took the time to sesh along with me! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Until next time, please remember to be safe and responsible with your cannabis use, always be kind, and of course, smoke weed ‘erry day. Happy holidays!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


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