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The Stoner Mom’s Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Happy Mother’s Day friends! It’s once again time for my annual Stoner Mother’s Day Giveaway, and this year I have some awesome prize bundles that will impress any stoner – mother or not!. Join me in the video below for a quick and rambly Mother’s Day sesh where I blow clouds and show you this year’s prizes!

Scroll to the end of this post for details on how to enter. As always, best of luck to everyone! I am wishing my fellow stoner mamas out there a beautiful day that leaves you feeling rested and appreciated. And if you need some company, I’ve got you. Hit play on the video below, and let’s sesh!

The Stoner Mom’s 2021 Mother’s Day Giveaway

Prize One

High on Love Wellness Bundle

This prize bundle includes High On Love’s beautifully packaged CBD and cannabis oil-infused wellness products. One winner will receive their Sensual Bath Oil, Dry Body Oil, Body Budder, Sensual Massage Oil, Massage Candle, Lip Gloss, Velvet bag, and Rose pen.
Learn more about High on Love and its beautiful collections at

Prize Two

Jewel My Bud Vase

Our Prize 2 winner will receive a bundle that includes the gorgeous Jewel vase by My Bud Vase in the color sapphire. This piece comes with two custom bowls, a decanter topper, a poker tool, and a certificate of authenticity.
Visit My Bud Vase at

Evergreen Pod

A two-pack of Evergreen Pod storage jars. These jars each feature the Evergreen Pod, a humidity pack that lasts for years and preserves your flower, keeping it fresh and ready to smoke or vape.
Learn more about the Evergreen Pod system at

Clean Remedies

Clean Remedies provided their hemp-derived delta 9 THC gummies in the flavor blueberry. These yummy treats can be psychoactive, so be sure to start low and go slow if you’re new to the cannabinoid. Each gummy contains 5mg of hemp-derived delta 9 THC.
Learn more about Clean Remedies and check out their entire product line at

Edwin’s Edibles CBD Gummies

Edwin’s Edibles CBD gummies are some of my favorite on the market! The winner of our Prize 2 bundle will receive a pack of Edwin’s Edibles full spectrum CBD gummies in the flavor Grape Crush. Each gummy contains 20 mg of CBD per piece.
Shop for CBD gummies at

Day One CBD Recovery Cream

Day One’s CBD Recovery Cream contains a whopping 2000 mg of CBD. It’s a fantastic topical treatment for all sorts of aches, pains, and inflammation.
Learn more about Day One at

Prize Three

Storage Solutions from Forti Goods

Forti Goods specializes in beautiful and secure storage furniture with cannabis users in mind. Our Prize 3 winner will receive a collection of their cannabis storage solutions, including a tray, catchall block, jar block with three jars, and storage box with lid.
Explore Forti Goods’ elegant collections at

Rose My Bud Vase

The Rose vase by My Bud Vase is beautiful enough to leave out alongside Mom’s most precious things. Comes with bowl, silk flower, and certificate of authenticity.
Visit My Bud Vase and check out their beautiful collection of vases and accessories at

Smilyn Wellness THC-O Gummies and Delta 9 Gummies

Smilyn Wellness has contributed their hemp-derived THC-O gummies Delta 9 Gummies. These yummy treats can be psychoactive and quite fun; they’re sure to bring out the smiles in any stoner mom! Remember to exercise caution if you’re new to these cannabinoids.
Check out Smilyn Wellness’s impressive product range of CBD and hemp-derived minor cannabinoids at

Edwin’s Edibles CBD Gummies

Our winner of Prize 3 will receive a pack of delicious Edwin’s Edibles full spectrum CBD gummies in the flavor Sour Apple.
Shop for CBD gummies at

Prize Four

Saint J Cosmetics Bundle

Saint J Cosmetics has a comprehensive line of CBD-based cosmetics, for those who want to take special care of their skin to look and feel beautiful. Our Prize 4 winner will receive their CBD-infused facewash, night cream, and lip balm, as well as two lip paints, and two lipsticks. Each item has 100 – 500 mg of CBD.
Learn more about Saint J’s products at

Day One CBD-Infused Sparkling Water

This 6-pack of CBD-infused sparkling water includes flavors lemon, lime, and grapefruit. Day One CBD beverages are hydrating and highly bioavailable, so you’ll feel more CBD, faster! Perfect for getting in the right mindset before taking on the day! Each can contains 20 mg of CBD.
Visit them at

Edwin’s Edibles CBD Gummies

Our winner of Prize 4 will receive two packs of Edwin’s Edibles delicious full spectrum CBD gummies in the flavors Yuzu Fruit and Citrus Punch.
Shop for CBD gummies at

How to Enter The Stoner Mom’s 2021 Mother’s Day Giveaway

Follow the link below to my giveaway page and enter! Four winners will be randomly drawn and contacted via the emails they’ve provided. Best of luck to everyone who enters!

Click here to Enter my Mother’s Day Giveaway!

No purchase required to win. Giveaway open from 5/8/2022 thru 5/15/2022. Must be 21 years or older and a legal resident of the United States to enter. One entry per person.


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  1. Ahhhhh these are so awesome!!!! My birthday is May 11th!!! 💚💚 Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Happy Stoner Mother’s Day🌹🌹🌹🌹 All prizes are amazing!!!! My bud vases are so beautiful. Crossing my fingers for one of the bundles. Good luck to everyone 🍀🍀

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