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The Stoner Mom’s 2021 420 Giveaway

Happy 420 to my favorite stoner friends! Every April 20th marks the holiday when stoners celebrate our beloved cannabis plant and the culture and issues that surround it. I like to mark the occasion with an annual giveaway, and this year is no different! Join me on this very special stoner holiday for a quick 4/20 sesh where I share my 420 plans and show you this year’s giveaway prizes.

My giveaways are all thanks to my amazing sponsors and brand partners. This year I thank Vitae Glass and Elevate Accessories for joining the fun and sending me lots of stoner goodies to share with our lucky 420 winner! Scroll on for a full listing of all prizes and for details on how to enter (it’s so easy!). And don’t forget to join me for a quick holiday smoke sesh by hitting play on the video below. It’s 420! Let’s sesh!

2021 420 Giveaway Prize Bundle

This year’s 420 giveaway prize includes gear and accessories that will take your sesh to the next level. One winner will receive all of the following:

The Stoner Mom’s 420 Prize Bundle

Vitae Glass Classic Beaker Base and UFO mouthpiece from | MSRP $99 and $145
Colfax Dugout with Mini Hitter Pipe from Elevate Accessories | MSRP $75 and $20
Magnetic Bowlz bowl from Vitae Glass | MSRP $35
Grinder from Flower Mill | MSRP $59.95
Sticky Icky light-up rolling tray from | MSRP $70

Vitae Modular Bong

This year’s giveaway bong is from Vitae Glass, leaders in modular glass with a modern aesthetic. I have two Vitae Glass bongs and absolutely love them. Their interchangeable pieces allow you to build the bong of your dreams by choosing the base, percolator, or mouthpiece that matches your preference. The components join together with a wood ring in the finish of your choosing. They truly understand the beauty in the details! Vitae Glass bongs come with a beautiful bowl designed with a lovely colored glass leaf. And, each piece comes with a cap and perfectly sized cork for storage and cleaning.

With a thoughtful and unique product and fantastic customer service, you cannot go wrong with Vitae Glass. Learn more about their offering in my Vitae Glass Unboxing Sesh and at


Colfax Dugout by Elevate Accessories

Elevate Accessories specializes in a modern wood and glass take on cannabis essentials. The Colfax Dugout is a sophisticated setup for stealthy hits on the go. Everything you need is stored safely and discreetly in the walnut or maple wood box. The sleek mini glass pipe holds a generous amount of material for about 3-5 hits per bowl. The wooden tip keeps your lips comfortable, and you’ll relax knowing your to-go stash is safe and stylishly secured.

Elevate Accessories is a Colorado-proud business with unique and beautifully designed pieces. Check out their sophisticated wooden rolling trays, pipes, tips and more, at

Bowlz Magnetic Bowl from Vitae Glass

Thanks to Vitae Glass for sending me a fun bowl by Bowlz to include in this year’s giveaway! Every bong owner needs an extra bowl, and this is one you likely haven’t seen before. This magnetic bowl splits in half for easy cleaning so all your hits taste amazing. Available at

Flower Mill Grinder

My newest obsession! I’ve been using my Flower Mill grinder nonstop since I got it and I cannot recommend it enough. This year’s 420 prize winner will receive one standard Flower Mill grinder, a unique tool that uses a rotor and screen for beautifully ground flower, every time. I love the fine and fluffy grind of this device, perfect for bongs, joints, and vaporizers alike! Learn more at

Light Up Rolling Tray with Lid

I am in love with this tray! First off, a tray with a lid? Yes please. Second of all, it lights up! Choose from your favorite color or use the rainbow feature for constantly changing vibes. This tray is a lifesaver for seshing in my dark room at night while watching movies! No more lost lighters (or the remote control for that matter). I got this baby from, a fantastic place where you can order your own custom light-up trays (I even have one with The Stoner Mom logo!).

Enter The Stoner Mom’s 2021 420 Giveaway!

As always, entering my giveaway is simple! Just click on the link below to visit my giveaway page and provide your email for a chance to win.

Giveaway closed!
Congratulations to Victoria!
We hope you love your upgraded stoner stash!

No purchase required to win. Must be 21 years or older and a legal resident of the United States to enter.
Giveaway open from 4/20/2021 thru end of day on 4/25/2021. I will draw one random winner on 4/26/2021 and will contact them via the email used to enter.
Best of luck to all! Happy 420!


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  1. jennifer

    My birthday is 4/26..i usually dont have a great birthday so i dont expect to win but good luck everyone else lol 😉

  2. That’s an amazing gift package! I’ve coveted an Elevate dugout for years and still don’t have a bong, so fingers crossed! Happy 420!

  3. Sonia Ponce

    Happy 420!!!! Love watching your videos and what an amazing giveaway!!! Please ganja gods let me win this giveaway!!!