AirVape Xs and AirVape Xs Special Edition Review

The AirVape Xs by Apollo Air Vaporizers is an extremely high quality portable vaporizer for loose leaf. Attractive, durable, and at a lower price point than it’s competitors, the AirVape Xs is my current top choice for those looking for a portable vaporizer. For the more visual types, check out my review video below, otherwise, scroll on for an in-depth AirVape Xs review.


AirVape XS | in pictures

The AirVape XS comes in four colors, like this rose gold. The Special Edition comes in a contrasting matte black and 24 carat gold, looking every inch the luxury device.

AirVape Xs Comes With

AirVape Xs
Leather Carrying Case
USB Charger Cable + Wall Mount
Cleaning, Packing Tools
Filter Screens
Rubber Mouthpiece Cover
User Manual
Limited Lifetime Warranty

The original AirVape Xs comes with a leather case.

AirVape Xs Special Edition Comes With

AirVape Xs
Xs Shell
Charging dock
Extra glass mouthpiece
Power bank (2500 mAh)
VIP card
USB Charger Cable + Wall Mount
Cleaning, Packing Tools
Filter Screens
Rubber Mouthpiece Cover
User Manual
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Hard shell case included with the Special Edition.
The portable battery for recharging on the go.

Charging dock for convenient recharging.

AirVape Xs Specs

For Loose Leaf
Weighs 3.2 oz
0.48″ Flat
Vibrates when ready
1300 mAh Rechargeable Battery
Heat-up Time: 20 Seconds to Optimal Level
1.3 Inch Screen Displaying: Battery Level, Temperature, Automatic Shutoff Timer
Two button easy temperature control ↑↓
Micro USB Charging, Charge while use (if battery not depleted), 1 hr Charge Time
Dual Filter, 3 AirFlow Chamber mouthpiece
200 F- 428F Temperature Scale
Oval Ceramic Heating Chamber
EZ AirPath (Isolated)
Sturdy, Metal Body
Measurements: 4.1″ L x 1.8″W x .48″H
Materials: Steel, Li-Ion, Glass

What I Love about AirVape Xs


The AirVape Xs is small and easily fits in a pants pocket, a jacket pocket, a small purse or clutch. Broad but thin, it resembles a sleek, smaller phone. The mouthpiece sticks out rather than being set in the device, great for lipstick and lip balm wearers. Unisex, no-nonsense, strong and durable, the AirVape Xs has a sophisticated design with simple LED screen and controls, and no unnecessary bells and whistles. It’s intuitive, user-friendly, and attractive.

The original Xs is available in a range of gorgeous colors; midnight blue, ocean blue, mystic grey, red gold and my favorite, rose gold. The AirVape Xs Special Edition is matte black with 24 carat gold embellishments, giving it unique sophistication lacking in other portable vaporizers. Both devices are made with heavy duty metal

Price, Function, & Design

Despite being at a lower price then competing vaporizers, the AirVape Xs sports flawless function and in my experience, hits better than say, the Pax 3. I get huge, impressive, and visible clouds of vapor when using this device.

Vapor is cooled within the built-in screen system in the mouthpiece, meaning you won’t get hot vapor when you draw in. There also isn’t any draw resistance, meaning getting large vape clouds is easy and effective. The chamber is large, holds a good amount of ground herb, and sports a ceramic oven for even heating and a clean taste.

Thoughtful design elements, like a non-scratching surface, quick heating time, and auto shut off, improves the overall user experience.  It only takes around 20 seconds to reach the optimum temperature, quite impressive in the vaporizer world. Additionally, The auto shut off timer keeps me mindful of my sesh, as I like to be sure to get in several high quality hits before it shuts off. The AirVape Xs recharges quickly, in about an hour, and you can use it while it’s plugged in, an extra plus for on the go tokers.

Do I prefer the AirVape Xs or the Special Edition?

Alright, I’m just telling you the truth here, so please take it with a grain of salt. I prefer the original AirVape Xs because it’s pink. That’s it. If I’m heading out and need to grab one, I’m always grabbing the pink one. There is literally zero difference in the quality of the vapor produced, and I will pretty much always pick something if it’s pink. I’m the worst. Even though I adore the asthetic of the Special Edition, that rose gold gets me every time. It matches my phone and half my clothes and purses for goodness sake!

THAT BEING SAID. The Special Edition’s additional accessories are AWESOME. Cases come pretty standard with vaporizers, but the addition of a waterproof hard case that is malleable enough to turn on the device through sets the special edition apart. Add to that, the included charging dock, AND portable battery, and the Special Edition bundle becomes even more impressive.

These are great accessories to have for a favorite vaporizer, but they are certainly not necessary. The standard AirVape Xs has everything you need, so if cost is an issue the standard Xs will suit you just fine.

Using the AirVape Xs

Using the AirVape XS is really, really simple. For the more visual types, be sure to check out the video at the top of this post.

  1. Open the AirVape by pulling the mouthpiece straight out and exposing the chamber/oven.
  2. Fill the device with ground herb. Take care too avoid overfilling and overpacking. Just fill to the top of the oven and lightly tap down to pack the herb in slightly.
  3. Push the mouthpiece firmly back onto the device.
  4. Press the power button three times to turn on. The AirVape Xs will begin to heat right away.
  5. Adjust the temperature with the⇅buttons. I set mine between 360-405°F. The higher the temp, the more visible clouds. I like to start low and increase my temp as the herb gets vaped. Temperature has a lot to do with your experience, so try out different settings to see what you prefer.

Temperature Guide

Optimum Flavor

Mind High

Body High


6.   The AirVape XS will vibrate when it reaches the set temperature. A countdown indicates minutes until auto shut off. To use, suck vapor into your mouth via the mouthpiece and then inhale down into your lungs. Exhale. You did it!

Concluding Thoughts

I am really impressed by the AirVape Xs. I have had a lot of success using this vaporizer to medicate, and no frustrations with it. I find myself grabbing it more and more when it’s time for a discreet vape sesh, and I haven’t been disappointed. As always, I keep my device well-maintained, keeping it clean and charged, and being mindful of how I load it.

With an artful blend of high quality function and sophisticated design, this vaporizer is an excellent choice for newbies and aficionados alike. It’s intuitive and easy to use, discreet for responsible use, and attractive for gift giving.


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  2. Illegal stoner mom

    I noticed some of our differences: you’re more focused on aesthetic and experience.😄
    I wonder about the technical type stuff.🤔

    What volume do you think it holds? 1/4 tsp?

    And the lid is rubber like or plastic?

    Do you feel like it efficiently vaporized the material in one session?

    I think I’ll watch the video before I ask any more.

    • The scoop I use is 1/4 teaspoon and I’ll usually put a little less than two scoops in.
      Lid (mouthpiece?) is glass and has a thin removable rubber cover.
      And I think I usually go two rounds with per material, typically around 400 degrees. 🙂

    • And yeah, I’m stoned when I write these and I will always get hung up on how things look lol! Someday I need to hire in a technical writer. Probably someone who is an illegal stoner mom… 🙂

      • Illegal stoner mom

        Yeah, and she’d catch those occasional errant misspelled word. 👌👍🤣