Dispensary Shopping in 2020

Hi friends! Welcome back to The Stoner Mom Show! In this episode, I’m taking you back to one of my favorite dispensaries, Ajoya, in Louisville, Colorado. Ajoya is now offering a virtual shopping experience so that customers can review the menu and ask plenty of questions from the comfort and safety of their own homes. In today’s video, I’m sharing my recent online shopping session, plus a little smoke sesh to try the flower and concentrates I picked up. Shop and sesh along with me in the video below!


Ajoya Virtual Consultation

This location has long been my favorite place to bring out-of-state guests. They’ve got an incredible selection of Colorado’s most impressive cannabis products, as well as plenty of vaporizers and glass for a true one-stop shopping experience. But where Ajoya really shines is its customer-focused service. Every budtender I’ve ever interacted with at Ajoya has known exactly what questions to ask to give me the best product recommendations available. Check out this older video of mine which really highlights Ajoya’s beautiful store and friendly employees.

Sadly, in 2020, those long in-person chats at the dispensary are not necessarily what many shoppers are looking for. Keeping our in-person errands short and efficient is routine now, and Ajoya’s virtual shopping experience works well with today’s current landscape.

During an easy 15-minute video consultation, shoppers can peruse Ajoya’s menu with a knowledgable budtender. I was able to ask all of my questions face to face in a video chat, while my budtender showed me his suggestions. Together we made selections, added them to my cart, and then I was ready to go!

Some of the S.A.G.E. cannabis flower I picked up from my recent Ajoya trip.

Once my products were chosen I grabbed my mask and headed over to Ajoya to quickly pay and pick up my goodies. The whole process was quick and easy, and I felt safe limiting my time in the store. I recommend looking into a virtual consultation whether you’re trying to keep your in-person errands short for safety sake, or are just looking for a discreet and fast dispensary experience.

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  1. I love your guys’ show and brand! Great video. Cheers from Cali ✨

  2. Thanks for another wonderful video. I hope to one day be able to visit a dispensary in my state! Take care.

  3. Jody Anglebrandt

    Wow!! What a gorgeous dispensary!!