April Love List | podcast recommendations

Relax, it’s Friday. It’s Spring. Here in Colorado, it’s one of those gorgeous afternoons meant for dog walks and bare feet. I’ve listened to so many podcasts lately, old ones and new. Today I’ve compiled the episodes that I have recently enjoyed, so if you’d like to relax, send the kids outside to play and put on one of these audio gems.


Dead Blondes Series | You Must Remember This is an excellently produced podcast about Hollywood in the early 20th century. I never thought I would find that era in LA so interesting, but Karina Longworth has made a catalogue of expertly crafted episodes over several seasons, covering topics like the early MGM days with Louis B Mayer, the Red Scare and Hollywood, Joan Crawford, the Hollywood Canteen, and even, for twelve amazing episodes, Charlie Manson’s Hollywood. This season she brings us Dead Blondes, gorgeous platinum-haired starlets from the early 20th century, and their young demise. Yes, that includes Marilyn.

The Making of an American Demagogue: Jim Jones | Fresh Air’s Terry Gross interviews Jeff Guinn about his book The Road to Jonestown. If you’ve never heard the story of the Peoples Temple, this interview is a bite-sized peek into the horror.

The Man in the Mirror  | Liar City | What do you think about Michael Jackson? This episode will probably change your mind.

Narrative Building | the Art of Charm | What is your narrative? This episode involves the AOC crew taking ownership of the past, being mindful of the present, and setting sights on what they hope to accomplish in the future. As they say, to build rapport with others, we have to know our own story first.


Chris Benoit | Last Podcast on the Left | The Chris Benoit story is so fucked up. Like, beyond. In this episode, the Last Podcast guys go into all of the gory details and manage to make you laugh until you cry while they’re at it.

The Falling Pilot | The Dollop | The Dollop is one of my all time favorite podcasts, and they have so many episodes! In this show comedians, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss stories from American history in a charming and hilarious way.


Seth Godin Thinks you should Stop Waiting for the Right Moment | MarieTV | I love Seth Godin’s soothing voice and inspiring business and internet advice. He is interviewed by Marie Forleo in this episode, and he knows exactly what to say to get you fired up about your entrepreneurial dreams.

Comparison + Envy | Being Boss | I have a secret crush on these girls. Being Boss is a unique business podcast that fully incorporates the personalities of the business partner hosts. I love the unique blend of sound business advice and real girl talk.


Earbuds are a godsend for a mom. So many of the podcasts I enjoy are not child-friendly, and as a crime podcast addict, I know the pain of being unable to play them when the kids are meandering around the house aimlessly. Also vacuuming. When you have a lot of territory to cover it sucks doing it without a good story in your head. I use my earbuds for audiobooks and podcasts, and for music when I venture out to Starbucks to work.

I used regular earbuds with a cord for a long time but David recently got me these wireless earbuds for my birthday and I love them. These have an audio transparency setting allowing you to hear both your entertainment and your surroundings. I end up only wearing one, just like I used to with my old earbuds because as a mom you don’t trust shit like “audio transparency”. I like being in those two worlds at once, picking up around the house while the kids play around me, and listening to something informative or dark. It’s the best kind of escape for a mom, one that occurs around your kid, frees up your hands and eyes, and teaches you something. Thank god for podcasts!


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