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Avida CBD Review

Avida CBD offers lab-tested CBD products like oil drops, gummies, vape pens, e-juice, and topicals. With products like uniquely flavored CBD gummies, and CBD vape juice in a variety of delicious flavors, Avida’s products are some of the better tasting CBD offerings that I’ve tried. I like them so much that Avida’s prefilled CBD vape pens have become a staple in my daily routine. Continue reading for my full review of Avida CBD.

Key Highlights

  • Organic CBD with products in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate formulations
  • Wide variety of CBD delivery methods like oil, edibles, vaping products, and topicals
  • Third-party tested with lab results easily accessible on the Avida CBD website
  • Free USA shipping

Avida CBD

Our customers are our families, children, and friends seeking a healthier lifestyle & freedom from their ailments. This inspires us to continuously create products that are safe, effective, 3rd party lab tested, quality guaranteed, and taste really good.

CBD Products Available

Origin of Hemp


We source our CBD extracts from organic hemp, grown on family-owned, farm bill compliant farms in Colorado.

Online Lab Results?

Yes. All of Avida’s products are third-party lab tested, with results publically posted on their website here.

At AVIDA CBD we test all of our products for purity and potency and are completely transparent about what’s inside each of our CBD products. We take pride in the quality of our products, so we invite you to take a look at our lab results!

Avida CBD Products I’ve Tried

Avida Puff | CBD Vape Pens

My favorite Avida product! I have been using these delicious vape pens round the clock this summer, and even more so now that my kids are doing their school year from home. Absolutely perfect for quick puffs throughout the day to help keep my stress at bay. I love having these non-psychoactive vape pens onhand for anytime the anxiety is mounting, but I don’t want to be high.

Each and every 100mg pen is packed with our strongest 3000mg formula so you get maximum relief with every single draw.

The thing I love most about Avida’s products is just how good they all taste. These vape pens in particular are delicious and sweet without being too cloying or artificial tasting. Berry Grape and Kiwi Strawberry are my favorites, but they are all excellent. If sweetness is not your thing, try their flavorless pen. Each pen lasts for about 300 draws.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This spearmint flavored CBD tincture is excellent for those who dislike the natural, very “planty” and sometimes bitter, flavor of CBD oil. The spearmint is strong and refreshing, making this tincture easy to take. Avida’s oil tinctures are available in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum formulas.


Full-spectrum products contain a range of cannabinoids including small, legal amounts of THC that work synergistically to provide effects. Broad-spectrum products are similar but have all THC removed. Broad-spectrum products are a great middle-ground for anyone looking for fuller whole-plant effects, without the risk of THC being discovered in their system.


Avida’s CBD oil drops are available in 500, 1500, and 3000 mg formulas. I used the full spectrum 500 mg bottle and was pleased with its effectiveness, flavor, and ease of use. Take CBD oils sublingually by squirting a dose under your tongue and letting it absorb for thirty seconds or more.

CBD Gummies

For many, gummies are the easiest delivery method for CBD. Avida’s gummies are made with orange peel so they have a satisfying chewy texture and don’t melt when too hot. At 10 mg each, you can easily pop one or more for a quick and easy dose of CBD. Available in flavors strawberry, vanilla cream, orange cream sorbet, and raspberry.

500mg CBD Balm

Another fantastic product from Avida! I’m a strong believer that every household should have a CBD topical on hand, and Avida’s powerful balm is a perfect choice. It has a smooth and light consistency, smells fantastic, and absorbs easily without a greasy finish. This balm is 100% organic and contains 500 mg of CBD per jar.

With flavorful products and transparent third-party lab testing, Avida CBD is a great place to begin your CBD journey! Learn more about Avida CBD and all they have to offer at


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