In this post, my summertime stoner sanctuary plus tips for discreet and responsible backyard stoner sessions.

Finding Ways to Responsibly Sesh as a Medicating Parent

Stoner parents often find themselves struggling to find a way to medicate during kid-focused summer days. We’ve all got a lot of built-in guilt and self judgement, it’s just a part of being a responsible parent. But avoiding our medicine “for the kids” isn’t the best way to practice wellness, especially if cannabis is an essential part of our health care.

An easy way to feel a little less guilty about your cannabis consumption during day hours is to take the time to clean up your stoner area and turn it into a true sanctuary. Having medical marijuana on hand doesn’t have to look like a stoner den, and keeping things tidy, convenient and “elevated” helps to both set a positive example of responsible cannabis use and ease any parental guilt.

Mom’s setup for a quick backyard sesh

I like to take advantage of the many months in Colorado that allow outdoor seshing, especially now that my kids are old enough to be alone in the house for ten minutes while I’m in the back enjoying my medication. It takes a lot for me to feel comfortable seshing while I’m on mom duty, and having a dedicated space outside is one way I try to get over the guilt and just enjoy my life as a cannabis-medicating mom.

Every summer I spruce up my back deck to make it more appealing, thus enticing me step outside and have my stoner sessions. I don’t do anything too crazy; usually just cleaning up my seating area, adding a couple of plants and organizing my outdoor sesh supplies is enough to inspire me to take a moment to medicate.

But of course, if the kids want me, they know to come find me outside, and when that happens I like having my stash discreetly stored, so what I’m doing out there isn’t too visible or obtrusive.

Tips for a Great Backyard Sesh

  1. Use a discreet method.
    Small bubblers, handheld pipes, portable vaporizers, and vape pens are a lot less flashy then those two foot tall bongs that we all love to do big rips on. Have a dedicated piece or setup for outdoors that is small and quickly stashable for when interested persons come around. I like to use a small bubbler or portable vaporizer like the AirVape for outdoor cannabis seshing.
  2. Consider vaping concentrates for greater effect with minimal effort.
    I have found concentrates to be a great choice for daytime medicating. If you have access to solventless extracted concentrates, consider using these for one of the cleanest and most efficient methods of cannabis consumption. There’s no worrying about smoke or odor, and concentrate vape pens are some of the least noticeable devices around. The best part about using concentrates is their efficiency, you get a faster and stronger effect using less product. That means faster medication sessions. If you’ve got a high tolerance and require a couple bowls of cannabis to feel good, definitely give concentrates a try!
  3. Keep accessories together and concealed in a grownup stash bag.
    I have a separate stash bag for heading outside so everything is where I need it when I see a chance to sesh. I keep a container of pre-ground weed, a lighter, and scoop in a small Annabis bag that fits easily into a locking Stashlogix case when I’m not using it. I like to have my cannabis concealed in some way in the case of unexpected outdoor visitors like bored kids.
  4. Use a Sploofy. Got noisy neighbors? Curious kiddos? Exhale your smoke into a small air filter like a Sploofy (you can pick one up in The Stoner Mom Shop). These are extremely affordable and eliminate most of the smoke involved in a medication sesh. Adding one to an outdoor sesh makes what you’re doing nearly undetectable.
  5. If it’s a longer session, light an outdoor candle – bonus points for finding one that repels bugs. I like using candles and air freshening products to scent the house and help cover up lingering smells from a surreptitious bong hit. Scented outdoor candles add to the elevated atmosphere of your stoner sanctuary and do double duty by helping to mask your smoke clouds.
  6. Create shade. Your outdoor smoke spot should always include shade, because who wants to deal with fire and smoke when you’re face is burning and you can’t open your eyes? I have a big umbrella in my stoner spot that’s open from morning to afternoon when we usually have cloud cover.
  7. Make plants and flowers a part of your stoner sanctuary. Humans are designed to be with plants, and proximity to them does wonders for our mental state. Adding some greenery to your smoking patio, back deck, front porch, garage, will go a long way in upgrading your stoner session experience, however short it may be. 
  8. Keep your area neat.  Don’t model slovenly stoner behavior. Helping to end the stoner sigma means always being aware of the message you send with your cannabis habits. Don’t leave trash out, always empty ashtrays, keep your glass clean and filled with fresh water. Don’t leave stoner equipment out for kids to check out when you’re not around, and always put your cannabis away between seshes. I keep all of my flower in locked Stashlogix cases and transfer to my outdoor bag when needed.
  9. Chill out. Be natural and normal when kids interrupt. The bigger deal you make out of using cannabis, the more the children will fixate on what you’re up to. Be cool, nonchalant, and clear that this is an adults-only activity, and then move on. Use your well-honed parenting skills and redirect the child to whatever brought them around in the first place.
Fresh mint, a citronella candle, ashtray, small bubbler, and sploofy.
A small bag with all of mom’s hidden stoner gear.

And that’s a little peek into my favorite summer smoke spot! I have a few other areas in the yard that are great for long stoner sessions, but this one works best for when I’m on mom-duty because of its proximity to the backdoor/kitchen. I can still kind of monitor what’s going on inside from here, and the kids can very easily find me if they need me.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, Independence day, and always a great holiday for outdoor seshing! With David on the grill and the kids down below in the yard, I’ll probably have lots of opportunities to sneak in a hit or two off of a vaporizer before the firework show starts, which we can watch from, yep, my stoner sanctuary. Another reason I love this spot!

Thanks for reading, and I’m wishing you a happy and restful stoner session, whether you have a backyard, front yard, patio, balcony, shed, or garage as your outdoor smoke spot. Get in that fresh air and sunshine, remember to be safe and responsible with your cannabis use, and enjoy your summer!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


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    Damn, I wish I had a fence. Your setup is perfect. And you have the best company too!💋😍
    I loved seshing outside at my parents so much!