Yeah yeah, we know we are totally late with this one. All I can say is it ain’t called Game of Stoned for nothin’. Watch what happens when Mom gets home and Tyrion has to explain all the uninvited guests. Also, we find out if Drogan is a loyal good boy dragon, or if he is a philandering whore-monger? Last we discussed, David was leaning heavily towards lazy whore-monger. The Stoner Mom was not so sure. Will someone finally put an end to Ramsay’s sociopathic ways? It’s time to bust a few fat dabs and find out on Game of Stoned!



The last two episodes of season 6 have been the highest rated of the whole series. It’s no wonder why, they are both magnificent, though in very different ways. Today we tackle the long-awaited showdown between the Starks and the Boltons.

The Battle of the Bastards satisfies viewers darker desires. We are reminded why the hell Jon Snow gets us all hot and bothered, with a magnificent tracking shot that highlights Kit Harrington’s skill with a sword. And Rickon shows us why it’s important to teach your kids the invaluable zig-zag manuveur.

Also in this episode, Dany’s best dragon scene yet, Tormund and Great Jon Umber showdown, a human formed pinching machine, and the beautifully sad death of the last giant, Wun Wun.

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