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BeBoe | Cannabis for the Sophisticated Stoner

Billed by the New York Times as the Hermès of cannabis, BeBoe is a luxury company that is elevating cannabis consumption in every way. BeBoe currently offers pre-filled rose-gold vaporizers and low dose edible pastilles, all made with the finest cannabis sourced from Pot Zero, a high-altitude, zero carbon footprint farm that never uses pesticides. BeBoe’s entire aesthetic is high-end and luxurious, ushering in a new era of sophisticated cannabis consumption. Read on for my review of BeBoe’s mini-vaporizers and pastilles and check out the video below to see them in action!


High-End Products with a Family Appeal

My grandmother’s name was Be Boe.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was very young and my grandmother visited frequently to help care for her. She cleaned up the house and cooked for us.

One thing she made each trip were brownies. She made one tray for us kids, and one tray for Mom, but Mom’s brownies were strictly off limits…kept under lock and key in a closet. Of course we would go through our rations in 24 hours, turning our sights on mom’s reserve. We were reminded each time that mom was really sick, deserved to have her own brownies, and backed off.

We found out years later that mom’s brownies were made with marijuana. They would help the nausea brought on by the sickness and brought back her appetite. I laugh every time I imagine that little 85-year-old woman wandering around our local grocer, trying to find someone who could help her buy a bag of weed. – from

BeBoe’s products are made for the dinner party set, i.e. responsible adults wanting to indulge without the need to hide outside with the smokers. With products formulated for low-potency, users can experience a comfortable and responsibly dosed cannabis experience. These aren’t going to get you super stoned or send you into paranoid delusions. All BeBoe products offer just enough THC to inspire and calm without the negative effects of an intense stoner session. And for high-tolerance stoners like myself, BeBoe’s wares offer the perfect amount of THC for responsible and functional day-time use.

Inspired + Downtime Mini Vape Pens

The Inspired and Downtime mini vape pens contain 250 mg of cannabis oil and are free from propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine or coconut oil additives. Inspired is an uplifting sativa while Downtime is relaxing indica. Cigarette-sized but about a thousand times classier, BeBoe’s mini vape pens are a discreet way to enjoy cannabis on-the-go. Each mini-pen contains 0.25 grams and last anywhere from 50-60 doses.

Enjoy a bright, uplifting, and creative high with our curated combination of sativa-dominant strains. Sparkly yet functional, our light and bright Inspired Pen is intended for early afternoon enjoyment—right when you need to shed that self-consciousness and get down to creative business. An energetic high, Inspired is great for social settings. If you ever wondered what the perfect bottle of wine is to bring to a dinner party, this is it.

 Wind down and get good with the downtime indica mini pen. perfect for your pocket or nightstand, the downtime mini’s combination of indica-dominant strains makes it an ideal way to smooth out life’s crinkles at the end of a long day. a go-to cure for stress, jet lag, and insomnia, our downtime mini pen provides a serene, tranquil, thoughtfully cozy high.

Both Inspired and Downtime vapes are also available in a full size pen that contains 400 mg of cannabis oil and last around 100-120 draws. The mini-pens are discreet and chic, but are best suited for a situational stoner sesh- like a concert or night out without the bong. I went through my mini-pens very quickly with my elephantine tolerance levels. I recommend the full-sized pens for anyone with a more serious cannabis habit like myself.

Inspired Pastilles

BeBoe’s pastilles are the candied companion to the Inspired pen (Downtime pastilles coming soon). Crafted with the finest organic ingredients and using cold water processing, BeBoe’s pastilles are a delightful low-dosed treat that provide a subtle and euphoric mood lift. Made with single-strain cold water sativa hash, Beboe’s pastilles are all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors and coloring. Each candy contains 5 mg THC and 3 mg CBD making these the perfect mid-day pick me up. I pop a couple of these at a time and love how subtle and functional the high is. 

With their impressive line of beautiful and finely crafted cannabis products, BeBoe is a cannabis brand for the modern age. BeBoe products are currently available for purchase and delivery in California. Learn more at


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  1. Janelle Bearden

    Wow wow wow! The future is here and she’s gorgeous!😁 I love that you can recycle this product and they use high quality concentrates! Seems like an all around winner 💕 Also I am a SUCKER for candy and those edibles sounds like a dream!☺

  2. My state just became medically legal, i hope we get products like this. I LOVE how sophisticated you make marijuana. You are the stoner “influencer” if you don’t mind me saying, i look up to most, especially being a parent. I love this review because I’m likely going to microdose, since i am a little high strung (or very some would say.) I already”microdose” in my own way when needed. Anyway, thanks for being you, I’m glad I found this page!