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A Showstopper | Fire Cut Donut Perc Bong by Boo Glass

Meet the newest addition to my glass collection! This masterpiece from Boo Glass is as gorgeous as it is unique, and delivers incredibly smooth and diffused hits. Boo Glass is’s brand of unique and efficient glass pieces. The Boo Glass collection is extensive and covers everything from simple pipes and bowls to elaborate pieces like the bong I’m showing you today.

This show-stopping Boo Glass bong is made with sturdy scientific borosilicate glass. I love its colorful worked glass and detailed accents, as well as its fun, bubbled texture. The arched neckline is elegant and prevents any splash-black. 

Lots of diffusion happens with the matrix-style double percolator. That means smooth hits no matter how thick the clouds. Plus it is gorgeous to look at! I love the sea green and deep blue of the mouthpiece and accents! The exquisite colors definitely help this piece stand out, even in a large collection like mine.

Want to see the Fire Cut Donut Perc Bong in action? Check out my new video series on High Times TV! In the first episode of the Weekend Wake & Bake, I’m using the Fire Cut Donut Perc bong while getting deliciously stoned and talking about the perfect setup for a productive stoner session.

Unfortunately the Fire Cut Donut Perc water pipe is currently sold out but will hopefully be restocked soon. I did find a similar piece here featuring the same donut and twin matrix percolator, also by Boo Glass.

UPDATE The Fire Cut Donut Perc water pipe is back in stock!

Boo Glass Fire Cut Inset To Donut Perc Big Bong

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