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Hi there friends! In this post, I’m reviewing some beautiful legal hemp strains from Boston Hempire. Legal, high-CBD hemp flower is a true godsend for many, and it is so much fun to review! Learn more about hemp and why it’s such a valuable tool for the modern cannabis user here, or here, and read on to see this beautiful flower up close and personal.

Boston Hempire | Hemp Flower Review

Boston Hempire is a Massachusetts-based company specializing in premium artisan hemp flower. Sourcing the best outdoor and dispensary-grade indoor-grown buds from across the country, Boston Hempire’s focus on high-quality flower makes their online marketplace a highly recommended stop for hemp purchasers.

In addition to premium hemp flower, Boston Hempire offers a variety of CBD products like tinctures, topical creams, isolate, pre-rolls and wraps. They even have moonrocks and kief-coated prerolls for an extra potent experience.

Boston Hempire also carries a really interesting product. To make full use of their smaller buds, Boston Hempire covers them in CBD kief and even CBD isolate powder, turning an already potent flower into a heavy hitter. Perfect for the experienced CBD user, each 1/2 oz of these small buds contain at least one gram of kief or isolate, depending on what you purchase.

Smaller buds coated in CBD kief and CBD isolate makes this potent hemp even more powerful.

All orders from Boston Hempire come with a standard notice to law enforcement. And, like all the hemp companies I recommend, applicable lab results for all ordered products is included with each shipment. Hemp flower is federally legal in the USA and can be safely purchased online and shipped to your home. Boston Hempire’s flower ships in smell proof tins and bags, with attractive packaging.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie Review

LAB RESULTS: 15.12% CBD, .01% Δ9 THC
TASTING NOTES: fruit, lavender, earth

Sourced from a premium hemp farm in southern Oregon, Cherry Pie is excellent at stopping my anxiety in its tracks. Great for focus and offering substantial pain relief, Cherry Pie is a fantastic hemp strain.

Boston Hempire’s Cherry Pie is beautiful and extremely fragrant! Bright green, and peppered with trichomes and red pistils, this lovely hemp strain looks as great as it smells. Cherry Pie has a lot of sweet and fruity flavors that really come through when vaped with a dry herb vaporizer.

Leilani's Leaf by Boston Hempire.
Leilani’s Leaf

Leilani’s Leaf Review

TASTING NOTES: earth, berry, fruit

Leilani’s Leaf is a variation of Lifter- one of the most popular hemp strains available. With a high 18% CBD, this is an excellent strain for fast and intense relief. It is relaxing but not sedating, and is appropriate for both daytime and evening use.

Boston Hempire’s Leilani’s Leaf is composed of densely packed, medium and small-sized buds. It has a sweet and bright aroma that is sure to put a smile on your face. An excellent strain that provides immediate relief from pain and anxiety, like a shot of instant relaxation. Definitely a must-try!

boston hempire true indoor BaOx
True Indoor BaOx

True Indoor BaOx

LAB RESULTS: 12.27% CBD, .02% Δ9 THC
TASTING NOTES: pine, earth, lemongrass

Boston Hempire’s indoor-grown BaOx strain is my favorite of the bunch. Sourced from premier farmers in North Carolina, this dispensary-grade strain was organically grown indoors in a temperature-regulated facility. These buds are fragrant and sticky, medium in size, with lots of trichomes and orange pistils.

BaOx is a smooth and pleasant strain to smoke. It’s a more energizing strain, perfect for productive daytime use. BaOx is good for effective pain management, situational anxiety, and for keeping depressive episodes at bay.

Boston Hempire’s selective approach to finding the best buds on the market makes them an outstanding source for hemp flower. With great pricing, strain selection, and additional CBD products, Boston Hempire is a one-stop solution for all your CBD needs. Plus, their unique products like hemp moonrocks and kief-coated buds offer additional value to the serious CBD user. Learn more about Boston Hempire and shop over at


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