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So maybe I’m easily impressed, but I am completely blown away that we’re living in a time where we can legally buy this online:

buy hemp flower online
Beautiful buds from Plain Jane

I know, this looks like plain old weed. But it’s not, this is hemp! And this hemp was sent to me legally through the mail and included a print out of its lab results and a notice to any curious law enforcement that what they see is not cannabis, but hemp. With the recent passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is now federally legal, so you can expect to hear more about it and its many uses in the future.

What is Hemp Flower and Why Would You Want it?

Hemp is one of the worlds oldest domesticated crops, and until Nixon lumped it together with marijuana when declaring his War on Drugs, it was long prized for its fast growth and its thousands of applications across industries like construction, textiles, food, cars, plastics, and more.

Like the cannabis we know and love for medical and recreational purposes, hemp is a plant from the cannabis genus. Cannabis and hemp share a lot of characteristics, but there is an important distinction between the two. While cannabis can have very high percentages of THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis), hemp is legally defined as a cannabis plant containing no more than .3% THC.

With that substantially lower amount of THC, hemp is an excellent source of the other cannabinoids (like CBD) and terpenes that cannabis is known for, without the “high” associated with smoking pot.

Hemp is now being cultivated for consumption in a way more like its cannabis sister, producing dense and fragrant buds that are visibly indistinguishable from the weed that gets us high. In my opinion, hemp flower is the ultimate “beginners strain”, and is a wonderful solution for medical patients who aren’t interested in a big psychoactive effect.

Now that it’s federally legal, hemp flower is also a great option for people in prohibition states who may not have safe or regular access to cannabis. And the best part? Hemp is now easy to find online for purchase and can be shipped all over the US discreetly and legally.

Where To Buy Hemp Flower Online

There are many options for finding quality hemp online. A quick google search shows tons of companies who offer hemp flower for online purchase. I haven’t sampled a lot of hemp from popular distributors yet, but I’m planning on reviewing hemp strains in the future, much like the cannabis strain reviews I currently offer. Cultivation practices vary widely between companies, so it should be interesting to see how the efficacy and flavors of hemp differ between sources.

Here are some online sources of hemp flower that I have either tried personally or have read a lot positive things about in relevant forums and articles:

Happy Flower Company by The Stoner Mom

That’s right, as of June 2019 I have my own line of premium, hand-trimmed, Colorado-grown hemp flower! Happy Flower Company provides select high-CBD hemp strains, prerolls, hemp flights, and even shake. Our orders ship with third-party lab results and legal documentation.  Read more about the process of launching my hemp line here, and be sure to check out our online hemp shop.

Plain Jane

I’ve talked about smoking hemp before, mainly on this post featuring Plain Jane’s awesome hemp CBD cigarette prerolls, one of my favorite indulgences when I’m off mom-duty. Now Plain Jane has branched out into offering full flavored hemp buds, perfect for a high dose of CBD and experiencing the benefits of the entourage effect. Plain Jane includes their third-party lab results and a notice to law enforcement with each shipment. I’m smoking their Elektra hemp flower as I write this article, and it does a great job at lifting my spirits and providing clarity and mental focus. It even gives me a subtle energy boost!

Berkshire CBD

I am so excited to have found Berkshire CBD! I’ll be sharing a full strain review featuring their hemp next month. Berkshire CBD sells premium quality, organically grown, slow-cured, and hand trimmed hemp buds in a variety of seasonal strains. All of their products ship with batch-specific, third-party lab results to ensure quality and integrity.

Tweedle Farms

I’ve not yet tried anything from Tweedle Farms but they are consistently recommended on the hemp forums I frequent. A quick peek at their site shows they offer a few different strains of hemp buds and include a copy of third-party lab results in each shipment.

Dr. Ganja

Great resource for all things CBD. They carry a nice selection of hemp flower from Colorado and Oregon. All flower orders come with third party lab testing with each shipment.

Hemp buds from Pure Relief

Other Hemp Resources

Reddit has several subreddits offering the layman’s opinion on all things cannabis, CBD, and hemp. I really enjoy the Hemp Flowers subreddit, it’s a great place to read strain reviews and to learn about new hemp companies.

Hempocator is a wonderful resource for locating hemp based products and services.

Ministry of Hemp is an excellent site with tons of information about the history of hemp and its thousands of practical applications. remains my favorite site for demystifying information about cannabis medicine and therapeutics.


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  1. I can’t wait to try some !!!so exciting to be buying cbd flower onlines !!!!! I haven’t try the flower form yea thanks for letting us know Kathryn!!!!! Your the best are you going to do a video testing these cbd products!!!

    Xoxo. Jen
    Hey Blavid!!!!

  2. Tried the sampler from Berkshire CBD. The turn around time to get my order was 3 business days. I rate that as excellent. I’ve been doing 50/50 mixes with most of the CBD with some strains I have and absolutely love it. I will probably be stocking up on more rolling supplies now just for that reason. Next order I’m now on the fence if I want to try someone else or buy the bigger sample size from Berkshire. Either way it is great to be able to finally receive flowers in the mail.