Lost Tribe_2
Indica Dominant
Kosher Kush X the TRUTH
I’d never heard of Lost Tribe, and the internet wasn’t helpful. Purchased from 14er Holistics in Boulder Colorado, they told me that it’s a cross between Kosher Kush and the TRUTH- both strains that I like for totally different reasons. Whatever the genetics, it’s an interesting hybrid.
Super mellow, time slowing, and tension relieving, this strain is made for late summer afternoons. Tunnel-vision focus blends with a chill body high. Fair warning, though not as significant as a straight indica, Lost Tribe can bring you dangerously close to asleep. Many a weekend nap has been inspired with this lovely flower. Let yourself lay down while high on this one and you’re done.
That’s not to say however, that Lost Tribe can’t be enjoyed during daylight hours. Along with the relaxation comes euphoria. Introspective thought takes over. This is an excellent strain for creative pursuits, movie/show watching, sitting out on the deck at night.
I find Lost Tribe treats my anxiety well and definitely aids in sleep. Though it brings a mellow euphoria, it does have a heavy crash for me. I would not choose this strain in a depressive state unless I just wanted to go to bed. This would be excellent choice for daytime headaches.
Lost Tribe is a good choice to have on hand for intimate nights. For something unique to relax the any tension, I definitely recommend giving this delightful strain a try.

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