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Canniloq Review + a Sesh Video

Well hello there friends! In this post I’m reviewing Canniloq storage containers. Read on for pictures and product features, and for those needing a little sesh, demo, and general storage talk, check out the video below. Hope this is helpful and enjoyable, and as always, leave any questions for me in the comments. Let’s begin!

Discreet, Durable, and Responsible Cannabis Storage | Canniloq Review

Okay friends, today’s storage solution from Colorado company Canniloq, is one that’s basically bear proof. You think I’m exaggerating, but look at these babies! 

Aren’t they kind of badass looking?! They are made of super rugged metals (aluminum, stainless steel, engineering resins) and are completely water proof, air tight, and crush proof. They won’t shatter or break, are child-resistant, and pet proof.

I love how rugged these are, they remind of those Maglight flashlights you keep under the bed to bludgeon intruders with. These definitely have a no-nonsense look about them, and nothing about them screams, look at what’s inside! They could be lost among dad’s things in the garage and slip right under the radar for years. I love them.


It took me a few tries to get the hang of opening these. Canniloq uses the standard pill bottle technique where you push down the lid to be able to twist it off, only this is with heavy-duty metal.  Also, with these containers, you barely need to twist the cap to get it to open, a nice feature for arthritic hands and wrists! There isn’t a track to line up, no latches to unhook, and once you do get the hang of it it’s really very easy and fast.

They come in the shown matte black and silver, and are also available in red, blue, and a cool cosmic design. Canniloq containers come in two sizes, 120 cc and 80 cc. These are small, personal-use sizes, so not large enough for storing ounces. I’ve used both sizes (120 cc and 80 cc) in my daily stash for both full buds and ground-up cannabis, and I’m very happy with the quality of my cannabis when storing it in these. I also love that I can stand them up inside my Stashlogix Silverton case, which is where I keep my daily working stash. 


  • Non-plastic, air tight, water tight, light tight, locking stash
  • Superior durability, safer and more secure than glass stash jars, metal tins or plastic bags
  • Simple push-and-turn, spring-loaded, sealed locking cap prevents unintentional access to contents 
  • Preserves and protects contents
  • Smell proof, pet proof, shatter proof, rip proof, crush proof 
  • Discrete exterior appearance, no tell-tale logos to reveal contents 
  • Precision engineered from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, 300 series stainless steel, high-performance engineering resins
  • Mil spec anodized body and cap for corrosion and scratch resistance 
  • Saltwater corrosion resistant 
  • True spring-loaded rotary locking lug design
  • Available in 120 cc and 80 cc sizes 
  • Recess for 1″ diameter adhesive writable label
  • Patents pending

I see these working well for the outdoorsy or traveling stoner who needs to keep a tight lid on their stash. The utilitarian and highly engineered design make these a great choice for the more no-nonsense leaning stoner in your life, be they mom, dad, or grandpa. I also think one of these would be a great way to present the manly man in your life some top dollar bud. Father’s Day present perhaps?

But of course, I’m not an outdoorsy girl at all, and I love these. These are a great choice for organizing your daily stash and keeping your bud in something both responsible and durable. Those looking for responsible storage made with the highest quality, durable materials, are child resistant, pet proof and indestructible check out Canniloq.


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