Meet the Cast: The Stoner Mom Family

It’s easy enough to find pictures of my family on any of our various social media platforms. Here on my website however, I tend to hold their precious identities pretty sacred.

But how can a reader get to know me if they don’t know my children? They mean everything to me, consume my thoughts and rule my days. Here I will introduce my loved ones.

The Stoner Mom Family: The Girls
The Stoner Mom’s Girls

The Kids

My oldest. My oldest daughter falls squarely into the “first-born” category. Responsible, quiet, and highly intelligent, she spends her time with her nose in a book. The rest of the time she’s playing Minecraft or Terraria, constructing huge elaborate structures and then demonstrating their use. She is an independent girl in the sense that she does not rely on others for any reinforcement. She has a clear sense of right and wrong. She concerns herself with the feelings of others. An IQ test done at an early age for school placement was extremely impressive. Still though, she asks me to stay with her until she’s asleep. Of course precious girl. Every night.

The Stoner Mom Family- Elizabeth
My sprite, my wee one.
Next I had this girl, whom I call my sprite. She is a little elf running around the house with tiny feet and high-pitched voice. And a lisp. Honestly, the cute is too much. She is extraordinarily petite, the second smallest in her class. She is my baby and it’s pretty clear. Very much a “girl”, she loves dresses and taking care of herself. She started reading last year and the way it has opened her mind has been so much fun to watch. She is nowhere near as self-assured as her sister, and needs a lot of physical and emotional affection from those that love her. So basically, a snuggle bug. I happily oblige.
The Stoner Mom Family: 100% Boy
100% boy

My son– A month before I gave birth to my oldest, my husband was welcoming his first child into the world. Now my stepson, I find this boy remarkable. You must understand, I never, ever, envisioned myself with a son. I’ve known my entire life that I would have two girls. No boys for me, no way. And then the Universe gave me a HUGE boy! A LOUD boy. A boy so very much like his dad, whom I adore. A boy who dances, whose feet are so big I fit in his shoes. A boy who is so very handsome, a natural leader, charming and socially aware.

The Stoner Mom Family: Husband and Baybay
Always together.
 And then the baby of the house. Stepdaughter is three, and without doubt a daddy’s girl. A child who enunciates and cracks jokes. A force of nature whose demands we all frantically rush to meet. When she is here on the weekends she rules the castle from her tall daddy’s arms.

The Grownups

My husband, you have met but I will refresh you. Thirteen years my senior, large and intimidating, talks too much, loud, artistic, interested in everything I am interested in, talented in gardening and providing his wife with homegrown top shelf weed. Happy wife/Happy life.
When exploring the world of glamour photography it helps to have a hot BFF.

The BFF. Petite, slender, ice blonde, nordic skin, crystal eyes. We’ve been friends for around seven years. A fellow stoner mom who has been there through thin and thick, as I have for her. You know. I mean, she’s my emergency contact. It’s not Thanksgiving without her and her pie.

The Stoner Mom's Dog
Praying for humans to jump on.
The Stoner Mom's Cat

The Fur Babies

Guest appearances are made by the furbabies- Max and Katya, equally spoiled and confused about their identities. (Max thinks he’s a human who eats trash. Katya thinks she’s a dog.)


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