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Edibles Sesh | The Stoner Mom Show

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve attempted to enjoy edibles on camera so let’s remedy that today! In this quick video, I’m indulging in some of the finest confections around, by Coda Signature. Scroll on to learn why these edibles are so highly recommended and hit play below to sesh along with me!

Coda Signature Premium Edibles

Coda Signature is a Colorado staple, offering some of the most luxurious and award-winning cannabis products available. Coda makes premium edibles, concentrates, and topicals with the best ingredients and a high standard of excellence. They are the winners of numerous awards, both for their fine products, as well as for innovation in the cannabis industry. MG Retailer named them one of the best cannabis companies to work for, and they were recognized by Forbes as a top 500 Startup Employer in 2020. Featured in Oscar swag bags and a regular winner at the Connoisseur Awards, Emerald Cup, and the Cannabis Cup, it’s hard to go wrong when choosing from their sophisticated products. Available in Colorado and California dispensaries.

Coffee and Doughnuts

This is hands down my favorite chocolate bar edible. So much so that I featured it in my 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. Rich and creamy, with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon sugar, the Coffee and Doughnuts bar has everything I look for in a chocolate edible. With 100 mg of THC in the entire bar, divided into 5 mg pieces, this bar is delicious enough to eat in one sitting (but be prepared for an intense experience if that’s your plan!). Also available in a THC and CBD formulation, as well as a medical strength bar containing a whopping 500 mg. Coda’s edibles have won so many awards over the years, they are a must-try! Check out their other amazing chocolate bars here.

 Fruit Notes

These delectable little gummies pair natural fruits with different ratios of THC and CBD for a variety of effects. Both fun and functional, these French Fruit Notes are deliciously flavored and lightly dusted with infused sugar. Available in eight unique fruit pairings like cherry and sasparilla, or mango and chili lime. In today’s video, I’m enjoying Coda’s strawberry and rhubarb fruit note. Each one contains 5 mg of both THC and CBD and is a perfect microdose for getting relief without too much of a high. Of course, you can always eat more than one if you’re looking for a stronger effect. I know I always do!

Coda Symphony Bath bombs

Coda offers more than just edibles. They also make concentrates and award-winning topicals like their Symphony bath bombs. These bath bombs have won Best Topical multiple times at both the THC Championship and the High Times Cannabis Cup. Packed with 15 mg each of both THC and CBD, plus a blend of botanicals, these bath bombs are the ultimate luxury. We love using CBD bath bombs in our household, and adding THC to the mix just makes for a more powerful and healing indulgence. This three-piece collection includes Balance, Uplift, and Calm bath bombs.

Coda Signature

Don’t pass these by when you see these in your local dispensary! Coda’s beautiful gourmet edibles are truly something to experience. Check out their entire edibles line (they have some truly amazing offerings) and find a licensed retailer at


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