Coffee Talk 22 | Talking Goals, Beauty, and Blucifer

Who’s ready to sesh with mom? It’s time for another episode of Coffee Talk, my monthly video series of stoner sessions where I consume some coffee, a lot of cannabis, and share life updates and new stoner gear! In today’s video, I get spectacularly high and talk about my goals, my current skincare routine, and lots more! As always, I’m using a variety of methods to enjoy cannabis, including fast-acting strips, dabbing live budder, and doing some good old fashioned bong rips.

Don’t forget to check out the show notes below! I always write detailed notes on the products I’m using as well as share links to anything interesting I may have mentioned during the video. Come for the seshing, stay for the chatter, and please, share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s sesh!



Coffee Talk Notes | Stoner Gear featured in this episode

Escape Artist Strips

Escape Artist Strips, Relief Creams, and Infused Skin Care

Speed Strips

I adore Escape Artists’ fast-acting strips! These tasty little strips contain 10 mg of THC. I keep a pack of these in my purse at all times and absolutely love being able to indulge in a microdose wherever I go. Available in minty mint and sour lemon.

Skin Care packed with Cannabinoids

With its ability to decrease inflammation and increase cell turnover, CBD is becoming a hot ingredient in skincare. Escape Artists takes this to another level with their THC: CBD infused line of topicals and skincare. Pairing these two cannabinoids increases the effectiveness of CBD without any psychoactive effect. Escape Artists’ skincare line features a night cream, day cream, eye cream, and face mask. Their moisturizing creams are full of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins C and E, plus 500 mg CBD to 5 mg THC.

Topical Creams

Escape Artists’ topical creams are a favorite in my household! The Relief Cream is truly a godsend, with effects kicking in within ten minutes of application and lasting up to three hours. It’s the perfect tool for combating pain, inflammation, and tight muscles.

Escape Artists’ products are available in dispensaries across Colorado. Mine are from Medicine Man! Learn more and find a retailer at

Dabox Pro | Wax Vaporizer by Vivant

My much loved Dabox went through a major glow up! The updated Dabox Pro wax vaporizer has been getting so much use around here! Portable and intuitive, I’ve taken it out on date night and have been hitting it regularly around the house. Always ready and easy to use, the Dabox Pro is my current go-to device for dabbing solid concentrates like wax, shatter, budder, and rosin.

Built much like its predecessor, the Dabox Pro features a similar silhouette and construction. Its patented and very unique Flip Door gives you ample access to the coil head, making loading the device and switching out coils quick and easy. The interchangeable coils slide in and out on a track instead of being screwed into place as typical with wax pens. This all just makes the device really easy to access and keep clean, a big plus in my book!

Updated from the original Dabox, the Pro has a new spill-proof water filter to make your dab hits extra smooth. The device itself is also a bit taller, though still easily portable and discreet. Control the temperature and selected coil head with the LED display, and initiate stealth mode when discretion is key. This little device is sleek, elegant, and efficient. If you need a way to consume solid concentrates but don’t want to deal with a dab rig or torch, pick up a Dabox Pro! It comes with everything you need, straight out of the box, including a lovely glass dab tool, a dual quartz clapton coil head, and an additional firecore coil head.

Check out my review of the original Dabox here, and learn more about the Dabox Pro and all of Vivant’s vaporizers at

Also Mentioned

“Blucifer” is the local nickname of an art piece called Blue Mustang by Luis Jiménez. It is located at the Denver International Airport and is infamous for having killed its creator.

I’m smoking flower from Medicine Man in this session, as well as dabbing their fiery Blucifer live budder.

The subscription online dermatology service I use is Curology!

My absolute favorite moisturizer is Neutrogena’s Hydroboost.


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