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Coffee Talk 23 | THC Pills, Vape Clouds, Hash, and How I Clean my Glass

Need a sesh buddy? It’s time for another episode of Coffee Talk, and wow this is a long one! Coffee Talk is my monthly video series of stoner sessions where I consume some coffee, a lot of cannabis, and share life updates and new stoner gear! In this episode, I’m sharing tips on how I keep my glass so clean, as well as my secret to blowing big clouds when vaping dry herb. I also take some THC tablets and catch you up on all that’s going on in this stoner mom’s life. So, if you need a pal to sesh with, grab your stoner gear and fire up this video. It’s time to get high with mom!

As always, Don’t forget to check out the show notes below! I always write detailed notes on the products I’m using as well as share links to anything interesting I may have mentioned during the video. Come for the seshing, stay for the chatter, and please, share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s sesh!

Coffee Talk Notes | Stoner Gear featured in this episode

1906 Drops | A New Line from my Favorite Edibles Brand

1906 has long been one of my favorite makers of edibles. Peruse my website and you’ll find reviews of their many types of chocolates. They are one of my oldest brand partners and have supported The Stoner Mom since the beginning. I love everything this company represents, from their botanical-based recipes, their fast onset formula, to their beautiful packaging and sophisticated marketing. No kidding, this brand has it going on, and represents everything I love in modern cannabis. Check out my many previous reviews of 1906’s plant medicine chocolates for enhancing everyday life:

Love | for arousal
Bliss | for happiness
Go | for energy
Chill | for relaxation
Midnight | for sleep

Adding to 1906’s already sophisticated product lineup, are their new 1906 Drops; six fast-acting cannabis and plant-medicine pills for modern life. These thoughtful formulations combine single strain cannabis and renowned herbs and plants to enhance energy, arousal, relaxation, sleep, focus, and a happy mood.

Each drop is vegan, gluten-free, and contains zero calories. Effects can be felt in around 20 minutes or less—making them the fastest-acting edibles on the market. Discreet, consistently dosed, and super transportable, 1906 Drops are a game-changer for cannabis medicine.


Genius | The first cannabis edible developed specifically to enhance focus.

Continuing in the same vein of cannabis medicine is the newest experience from 1906: Genius drops. This formula is currently available only in drop form and is the first cannabis edible created for enhancing mental focus. Developed over several years, Genius incorporates 6 plant medicines plus a single strain of cannabis, all known to aid in mental sharpness, cognitive focus, concentration, and memory.

“After Ritalin and Adderall for over 20 years, I desperately needed an alternative. That’s why we made Genius.”
– Peter Barsoom, Founder and CEO of 1906

Containing 6 plants and a low dose of a cannabis sativa strain known for boosting mental function, Genius has easily become my favorite product by 1906. And that is saying a lot! Each Genius drop has only 2.5 mg of THC, a true microdose. I take up to four at a time and love the fast onset of effects. When I take these I feel a nice burst of cognitive ability and focus, perfect for writing or editing. With my current tolerance level, I don’t feel high when taking Genius drops. Instead, after an initial wave of a noticeable uptick in mood, Genius drops settle into a focused feeling of mental alertness and clarity.  It is the perfect state of mind for starting the day or beating the afternoon hump.

My personal stoner mom pro tip; when I pair Genius drops with a few healthy bong rips, I get the most pleasant and productive high imaginable!

Get an in-depth look at the thought and care that goes into each 1906 product at

Every Day Optimal CBD

Every Day Optimal has an extensive, patient-focused catalog of CBD products, including a high potency line for those who rely on CBD for health and wellness. Their capsule and tablet lines alone are impressive, offering many levels of potency and even specialized products for conditions like fibromyalgia and anxiety.

Additionally, they carry gummies, pet products, e-liquids and both broad-spectrum and isolate tinctures. And, further separating them from other brands, Every Day Optimal has an ultra-high potency line with a 10,000 mg tincture and 200 mg capsules. These are by far the highest dosed products I’ve seen a company carry, and are perfect for the daily medical user who relies on premium, high-potency CBD.

In this video, I am talking about my longtime love of their e-liquid. Just a couple drops of it on top of my herb in a dry leaf vaporizer, and I can blow large visible clouds with an added punch of CBD and a hint of flavor. All of their vaping liquids are independently tested and contain no Vitamin E Acetate.

Like all the CBD companies I promote here on The Stoner Mom, Every Day Optimal posts their results from third-party lab tests right on their website so consumers can check out quality and purity for themselves. This is a great brand to try whether you’re just starting out with CBD, or are an experienced consumer looking for high potency products.

Read my full review of Every Day Optimal here, and see everything Every Day Optimal has to offer at

Also Mentioned

In this session, I’m vaping and smoking homegrown Citradelic Sunset. I’m also using dry ice hash. Learn how simple it is to make your own dry ice hash at home, here.

Products and Info for Cleaning your Glass

Thanks to Jana for commenting on Coffee Talk 22 and asking about how I clean my bongs! I hope today’s video answers your bong cleaning queries. My dedicated post on how to clean your glass pieces can be found here: The Stoner Mom Show: How to Clean a Bong

Resolution caps: Seal your bongs so you can shake, shake, shake! Resolution also carries alcohol-free cleaning liquid and other cleaning accessories.

HEMPER Tech Cleaning Plugs+Caps: More caps and plugs, plus a lot of other cleaning accessories from Hemper Co.

Formula 420: I prefer to use good old-fashioned isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt to clean my glass, but many people swear by specialized cleaning liquids like Formula 420.

Cleaning Bristle Bundles: These sturdy pipe cleaners are carried by several online headshops and cannabis brands. The ones in this video are from


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