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Coffee Talk 24 | Holiday Wake & Bake + a Giveaway!

Grab your bong! It’s time for Coffee Talk, my monthly video series of stoner sessions where I wake and bake and share life updates and new stoner gear! In today’s episode, I’m enjoying some dabs and cannabis, while discussing the holidays at Casa de la Stoner. I’ve also got a fun giveaway in this video, so if you’re feeling lucky, be sure to read on for details on how you can win your own Philter and Philip smoke filters from Philter Labs. Let’s sesh!

Coffee Talk Notes | Stoner Gear featured in this episode

Genius Pipe | Innovative Pipe and Waterless Dab Rig

In this video session, I’m using the impressive Genius Pipe, a modern indestructible pipe that can also be used as a waterless dab rig. The Genius Pipe was one of my favorite additions to my stoner gear collection this year, so much so that I featured it in my 2019 Stoner Holiday Gift Guide! Sleek and sophisticated, Genius Pipe has a thin silhouette and is made from iodized aluminum, making it durable, discreet, and easily portable.

For added functionality, pick up the Genius Water-Free Dab Rig. You can use it as a standard Genius pipe, or put on the included V Syndicate Taster to convert the pipe into a one-of-kind dab rig. The dimpled surface inside the Genius spins your smoke through thousands of micro-vortices for noticeable cooling and water-free filtration. Learn more about the innovative Genius Pipe and its accessories at

Philter Personal Smoke Filters

Another product cool enough to be featured in my holiday gift guide! I love Philter’s Pocket and Phlip personal smoke filters. They are the perfect companion for any stoner activity. The Pocket filter is small enough to bring anywhere, so you can discreetly exhale your smoke or vapor for stealthy hits wherever you go. I keep one in my purse at all times!

The Phlip.

The Phlip filter is especially genius. This little filter was designed to fit right onto your vape pen or cartridge setup, so your vape and your filter are never apart. Simply take a puff from your vape, flip it, and exhale into the Phlip! Perfect for the forgetful stoner!

Philter Giveaway!!

*update: Giveaway closed! Congratulations Sabra!

Philter has generously sponsored a giveaway to one lucky stoner mom reader! To enter, just leave me a comment on this blog post. I’m picking one random commenter to receive a care package from Philter Labs featuring a Pocket and a Phlip! The deadline to enter is Wednesday, January 8, 2020. I’ll update this post when a winner is picked.

Huge thanks to Philter for sponsoring this episode and giveaway. Learn more about their pocket-sized, affordable filters at Good luck to everyone who enters!


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  1. Really loved your holiday gift guide! I bought the Heir water pipe for myself and I can’t wait to try it. The Genius Pipe looks awesome too, hope to get one eventually too. Bummed I missed out on this giveaway but glad I got to see all the neat products from your sponsors! Happy 2020 to the whole Stonermom gang! 😘

  2. The Philter looks like a really good smoker to have as a parent who spends most of their time in discreet-mode. May have to get one just to have for a quick, panic-free lunch break sesh lol

  3. The Genius pipe looks like a really cool piece! Been listening to the podcast for a while and excited to see you make videos too 😀 Loving the content! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Awesome sesh! Great company cleaning, as always! 😍 I LOVE my Phlip! In fact, I kind feel like I was one of the first to turn you onto them. 🤷🏻‍♀️ That Genius is GORG! Where’s that giveaway? lol 🤣 jk

    Good luck on goals for the new year! JMHO, but I think the format is perfect! 🥰

  5. Hi Kathrine! I hope you and your family were able to bring in the New Year and this new decade on a positive and elevated note! I’ve followed you since YouTube years ago now, and I genuinely want to say you were my guide to medicating as a parent, and such a constant inspiration to me! I appreciate how you always promote responsible use while still having fun and enjoying yourself. Also, such a fan of your coffee talks!, they’re my must to medicate to! Being a parent though myself, I would love to medicate without being concerned of the smell as well as the noticeable smoke/ vapor from a hit… especially when I need to medicate on the go! The Philter definitely seems like the way to go!

  6. I am stoked about the genius pipe I ordered per your recommendation, the coffee mug is gorgeous. The Philter looks great for moms on the go… I see myself on the beach being able to medicate without everyone downwind knowing, ahhhhh!

    • Chanel Mabry

      I love to smoke weed and get high everyday.
      Thank you for all your knowledge and support along my cannabis journey.

  7. Thanks for the new coffee talk! You are my only sesh buddy! Loved the new gadgets too!

  8. I love how compact the Philter is! I’ve used Sploofy brand filters for years and they do the job for hone use, but something palm-able is great for being out and about. 😁