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Coffee Talk 25 | Wake & Baking with a CBD Giveaway!

Kids are gone, let’s sesh! It’s time for another Coffee Talk, my monthly wake and bake video series where I get high with you and share life updates and new stoner gear! In this video we’re testing out a new e-nail from King Pen Vapes with some CBD dabs from the impressive Extract Labs. And, we’ve got a fantastic giveaway courtesy of FOCL, who is gifting their entire product line to one lucky stoner mom reader!

Read on for details on how to enter the giveaway, and click play on the video below for a good old fashioned stoner session with mom. Let’s sesh!

Coffee Talk Notes | Stoner Gear featured in this episode

Rok E-Nail | King Pen Vapes

King Pen Vapes sent me a Rok e-nail by Pulsar to use in today’s sesh video. This handy device allows for easy, torchless dabs. The Rok features quick heat-up time and convenient one-trigger control. It also has dual-use capability! Electronic rigs are a fantastic way to consume concentrates without the hassle of the traditional torch set up.

Big thanks to King Pen Vapes for sending me a Rok to experiment with! has a huge stock of vaporizers, carrying the best brands in the industry. From e-nails like the Rok to powerful dry herb vaporizers like the Volcano, King Pen Vapes has a device for every need.

Extract Labs | Award-winning CBD 

I dabbed a lot of CBD in today’s sesh, all from Extract Labs. Their CBD crumble and shatter make for a fantastic dabbing experience. Choose from their full-spectrum crumble packed with cannabinoids and terpenes, or their terpene-enriched shatter with zero THC. They also carry tinctures, vape products, CBD for pets, and several products high in CBG. Extract Labs products are legal and available to ship to all 50 states. And, like all the CBD I recommend here on The Stoner Mom, their third-party lab results are up to date and easily accessible on the Extract Labs website.

FOCL CBD | Perform, rest, recover

FOCL’s CBD line is excellent, focusing on a full botanical experience for optimal wellbeing. Their day and night time supplements are packed with botanical ingredients as well as CBD, for a truly unique effect. In today’s video, I tried their Day supplement which contains brain-boosting and stress-busting botanicals like Rhodiola Rosea and Lion’s Mane. Also try their Night capsules with Valerian Root, Ashwagandha, and CBD.

I also really love FOCL’s CBD drops, with 300 mg of CBD per bottle and some of the best tasting flavors I’ve had the pleasure of trying! Choose from mint, orange cream, or cherry. The mint is my favorite! Use code STONERMOM20 for a discount.

FOCL CBD Giveaway!

* Giveaway closed and the winner has been notified. Congratulations Mikki! *

FOCL is generously giving away their entire product line to one Stoner Mom reader! Hooray! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post! I’ll draw one random commenter to receive a care package from FOCL featuring their entire product line! Your last day to enter is February 21, 2020. I’ll update this post when the winner has been contacted.

My many thanks to FOCL for sponsoring this awesome giveaway. Check out their CBD product line and learn more at Good luck to everyone who enters!


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  1. Amber Callahan

    Can I get more info on the bong? 😍

  2. I’m intrigued. I’ve only ever tried cbd joints

  3. Alexandra

    Late to the party posting my comment the night of your birthday! Happy 37th birthday love!

  4. Just got approved for my medical mj card today 🙌🏼 hoping I win🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  5. Another question – tell me more about the bong you are using with ice in it. I think you said Air Bong. First time viewer LOL and really love what you do. I am relating with your story about how to do it with the kiddos Around. My son didn’t see me until he was 18. I was so weird about it, and ok with his dad being a drinker. Crazy. Make it normal has become my motto now.

  6. Christina

    I love watching your sessions! I often find myself returning to old coffee talks/stoner mom shows when it’s nap time or I’m busy in the kitchen (dishes, organizing, sweeping, cooking dinner ect.) SO RELATABLE!!!!🤘🏼💚💚💚

  7. Glad I found this blog! Starting to really own my cannabis use and love seeing more women involved.

  8. Raven Palmer

    Something about after a long day of being a mom and using any cbd product to relax for the evening

  9. Gabrielle

    I love the fun crazy cannabis community but its so nice finding a blog about being a responsible stoner! Love you and your blog!

  10. Gabrielle

    I love your blog and you! I love the fun crazy cannabis community but its so nice finding a blog about being a responsible stoner!

    • I’ve never heard of people mixing the CBD with natural botanicals. That’s so cool!! Its says it has a unique effect…after having used it do you notice the difference versus plain CBD?

  11. Stephanie

    I would love to try these products, what a nice giveaway! Thanks Stoner Mom!

  12. These look awesome! Would love to try, especially that uplifting kind.

    Thank you for doing what you do. Helps with feeling less alone in something that can be so isolating at times. 🙏🏼

  13. Thanks for the sesh and updates. My husband and I would love to try the cbc products! Enter me!!

    • Katie Morris

      So happy for another sesh! Love that you are so informative! Sign me up for the giveaway!

  14. Love the aesthetic of the Heir and Rök together. Very on brand for you. =]

  15. senia n rubi-smith

    love your sweater love watching you hope i win

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  18. Tanya Zhuk

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  19. Happy early birthday! And anniversary!

    I came to your site this morning and was so stoked to see a new WaB video! And it’s a giveaway! So I’m commenting! Cheers!

  20. Colleen Boudreau

    I’d love to win, I haven’t tried any CBD products before but I’ve been very interested in them.