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Coffee Talk 26 | I’m a year older, let’s sesh!

It’s that time again! This is Coffee Talk, my monthly wake and bake video series where I get high with you and share life updates and new stoner gear! In today’s video I have a relaxed and chatty sesh with you while I talk about my recent birthday festivities. If you’re looking for a stoner buddy, go grab your gear and let’s get high!

Coffee Talk Notes | Stoner Gear featured in this episode

Zolo Cartridge Batteries | Lord Vaper Pens

In today’s sesh I’m using my Zolo cartridge battery sent to me by the awesome Lord Vaper Pens. Lord Vaper Pens carries a huge selection of vaporizers, accessories, even CBD products!

I’m using the ZOLO-B, a discreet battery with a Zippo style look for any 510 thread cartridge. The flip-top not only conceals your cartridge, but it also protects it while in transit. Made for durability with a zinc/metal alloy exterior, your cartridge is safe in your pocket or bag. There’s also an OLED screen that lets you know how much battery is left. Available in a variety of fun styles here. Also, check the simpler and even more affordable ZOLO-S.

The ZOLO-B and ZOLO-S battery

Lord Vaper Pens was so kind and sent a few different versions of the ZOLO-B and ZOLO-S. I can’t possibly use them all, so watch out for a giveaway in the very near future! Big thanks to Lord Vaper, check out their fantastic selection at

Joy Organics | Premium THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Joy Organics is one of my favorite brands of CBD, check out my review of their line here. Their delicious gummies are the newest addition to their already fantastic product line. In this video I take one of the strawberry lemonade gummies, containing 10 mg of CBD.

Joy Organics products are broad-spectrum and THC-free. This means you’ll get the benefits of a wide range of cannabinoids including CBD but with absolutely no THC. Joy Organics products are meticulously crafted with high standards of product quality and customer care. Learn more about this family founded CBD brand at, and use code mom15 for 15% off!

Also Mentioned in this Video


  • In today’s video I pulled out one of my older pieces, the Black Sheep Milk Bottle Double Tree Perc bong from It’s no longer available but DankGeek carries a few other Black Sheep pieces that are pretty cool.
  • I’m also using the Nymph dab rig by Sesh Supply from Smoke Cartel.

Cannabis and Concentrates

  • Today’s cannabis flower and some concentrates are from the award-winning clean cannabis line L’eagle. Check them out at
  • I also dabbed some of my favorite concentrates from West Edison.

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  1. Seshing with you on a beautiful Sunday night! I love when you talk about your cannabis use around your kids. My son (5) is starting to get to an age where I feel like I need to start getting more discreet with my cannabis use. He’s just so observant and I’m still unsure how to introduce the topic of herb use to him. It’s helpful to hear how other families deal with cannabis use and kids. Also, the Zolo cartridge battery is so cute! I like the skull but love the wood grain one.
    Happy Belated Birthday! Looking forward to the next sesh!

  2. Thanks for the session. I always like to see and or hear about whats in your stash! You and your master grower are awesome!