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Coffee Talk 34 | Seshing and Sharing my Favorite Records

Welcome back to Coffee Talk! This is my monthly wake and bake session where I sit and smoke while updating you on all things Stoner Mom. In this video, I’m enjoying some edibles and doing a little smoke challenge while I share my favorite records from my collection. Curious what I like to listen to when I’m high? Go grab your bong and hit play on the video below! Let’s sesh!

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  1. Thanks for your video. It’s nice to listen to you. For a very long time, I started thinking about experiencing the effects of CBD. For me, this is a fairly new and unfamiliar drug. I know this is rid of the intoxicating properties. But there are questions about his testing. Are there any serious side effects from taking this type of medication? Can i drive a car? Is there some kind of sleepy effect? And can I take this remedy if I have allergies or diabetes? I would not like to know this from my own experience. Has this drug been tested enough? I would be grateful for your answer.

  2. I haven’t bought actual albums in years. Thank you for sharing. My most “prized” album is Woodstock live. My mother gave it to me when I moved out to have . I would sit for hours going through the art and photography and quotes and artists… i have so many lol but i haven’t had a record player in almost 20 yrs… yikes lol.
    Also, I have been in a “nesting ” headspace lately myself, I have been cleaning and trying to get into the mindset of the holidays. Trying to get over the blyuck of 2020 🤣

  3. Loved seeing your records! I hope I can get my old turntable working correctly so I can play my dads vintage ones and start my own personal collection.

  4. Loved seeing all your records! A record player has been on my wishlist but I don’t have the space/storage for one yet.