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Coffee Talk 37 | Wake n Bake in the New Year

Welcome to a new year of coffee and cannabis with The Stoner Mom! In this first 2021 episode of Coffee Talk, I mix up a fantastic blend of cannabis and hemp flower for a productive sesh with just the right mix of cannabinoids. I also round out the sesh with a few dabs while updating you on all things Stoner Mom. I talk about what’s on the agenda for the following week, consumption and content goals, my daughter’s 14th birthday, and I show you my 2021 planner. If you’re looking for a smoke buddy before getting on with the day, this is the series for you. Grab your gear and let’s sesh friends!

Coffee Talk Notes | stoner gear mentioned in this video

Five Piece Grinder from Astra Chamber

Thanks to this episode’s sponsor at Astra Chamber. These five-piece grinders are durable, convenient, and feature an easy-grip, a perfect grind, and a built-in storage area for your flower. With a lifetime warranty and constructed from heavy-duty aluminum material, these grinders are built to last a lifetime. Pick one up at while supplies last!

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Happy Flower Company

Image of Betty Jane hemp flower from Happy Flower Company
Our beautiful hemp strain Betty Jane, named after David’s mom, available at!

Betty Jane Hemp Flower | Happy Flower Company

In today’s sesh I enjoyed a blend of homegrown cannabis and hemp flower from my own line of legal smokeable hemp at Happy Flower Company. I used our strain Betty Jane, a bright and cannabinoid-filled flower, perfect for starting the day. Betty Jane contains over 16% of CBD and .67% of CBCA. These beautiful buds are aromatic, potent, and packed with terpenes. This is a Happy Flower Exclusive and is my current favorite of our strains. Check it out, as well as our other premium hemp strains at


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