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Coffee Talk 38 | Wake and Baking for a Busy Day

Let’s talk about productive stoner sessions! In today’s Coffee Talk I prepare for a busy day by mixing up the perfect blend for creative work. While seshing I share my tips for a mindful stoner session, from planning for success to choosing the right consumption methods. Join me while I get my mind right in this relaxed session with coffee and cannabis!

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Happy Flower Company

Mandarin Pie has the highest CBD content of our current hemp line up.

Mandarin Pie Hemp Flower | Happy Flower Company

In today’s sesh, I enjoyed a blend of homegrown cannabis and hemp flower from my own line of legal smokeable hemp at Happy Flower Company. I used our strain Mandarin Pie, a top-shelf strain filled with CBD and CBC. Mandarin Pie contains over 18% of CBD and .90% of CBCA. This is our most potent hemp strain and a Happy Flower Exclusive. Check it out, as well as our other premium hemp strains at Stoner Mom readers can save 15% with code stonermom.


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. ^^ Yeah, it does have a bodyload and the liver takes energy to process it. Everybody has their own tolerance level and often less is more

  2. Thanks so much for another great sesh! I hope to keep a cannabis journal, when it is finally legal in my state. I’m praying it will be 2021!

  3. Can we talk dosing in relation to what we know vs pushed culture from marketing? I’m starting to get concerned about the doses in some cannabis products. More isn’t necessarily better. There have been some studies suggesting liver damage along side high CBD doses. Think about it. If cannabis is supposedly antibacterial and all this other stuff wouldn’t that affect our gut micro flora? There’s too much that we don’t know to start going up and beyond with this “more is more” mentality in marketing. It’s not necessary and not beneficial.

    I always like to bring things down to if I cannot consume that much on my own in one sitting with just flower perhaps it’s too much and unnecessary. You’re not someone with some terminal illness who’s being watched by a professional who can monitor your levels while taking these high doses. God forbid you do get ill and cannabis is off the table because you’re already using such a high dose and your tolerance is up the wazoo. Let’s not continue to push this image or this wazoo.

    Sure nothing has been proven yet but that isn’t a green light to go go go.