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Coffee Talk 39 | Waking and Baking in my Favorite Month!

Happy February my dearest stoner friends! It is officially my favorite month of the year and I am feeling so positive and ready to get this week underway! Let’s get our minds right together with a fully functional wake and bake session with high-quality hemp and some homegrown cannabis. And of course, Starbucks, because sometimes making a pot of coffee is too much to ask.

In this episode I talk a lot about the very interesting and very legal Delta 8 THC, lots about my reading habits, Cormac McCarthy’s Biblical tone, personal updates, and being kind to yourself when your day doesn’t go as planned. Go gather your stoner gear, and let’s wake and bake together!

Coffee Talk Notes | stoner gear mentioned in this video

Part of the spread this morning. Cat’s Meow hemp flower and a fantastic Delta 8 THC cart all from CBDism.

CBDism Hemp Flower and Delta 8 THC

In today’s session I mixed up a potent blend of homegrown cannabis and some of CBDism’s great-smelling hemp buds. Their Hawaii-grown hemp flower Cat’s Meow (used in today’s video) contains 15% CBD and is a great source of whole plant cannabinoids that will start your morning off right. I also enjoyed CBDism’s Pineapple Express Delta 8 cartridge, which I gotta say, left me feeling amazing in this session!

CBDism has a fantastic selection of premium quality and third party lab-tested hemp, CBD, and Delta 8 THC products. Their award-winning 3:1 CBD and CBG topical is so effective, with 4000 mg of CBD for fast relief.

I’m also so impressed with CBDism’s espresso flavored CBD tincture (you can see me try it towards the end of today’s video). It tastes amazing and pairs beautifully with your morning cup of joe, or that afternoon iced coffee pick-me-up. If you’re a coffee lover who appreciates CBD in their morning routine, definitely give this tincture a try! I use the 3000 mg tincture, and I also really love their mint flavor. CBDism’s tinctures taste amazing, with ZERO bitter hemp aftertaste and come in 500, 1500, and 3000 mg strengths.

Huge thanks to CBDism for supporting The Stoner Mom Show! Check out their entire large catalog of hemp, CBD, and other cannabinoid products over at

Also Mentioned in this Episode:

Want to read a beautiful and violent piece of American literature along with me? In this video I reference my current read, Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian.


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  1. Love this session! I wish you do more day in the life’s.

  2. Really enjoyed this sesh! Definitely want to try that coffee flavored tincture and those delta 8 carts! They look fire!