Coffee Talk 48 | CBD Dabs in the Morning

Happy Monday stoner friends! It is time for another Coffee Talk, my weekly Wake & Bake session where I get my mind right for the day with some coffee and cannabis. I’m deep-diving into CBD dabs this morning, using delicious concentrates and an EVRI dip device from Steve’s Goods. In this video, I talk a lot about CBD, a little about delta 8, and catch you up of course on my Stoner Mom week. Join me as I medicate just the right amount for a busy day. Let’s sesh!

Coffee Talk Notes

Steve’s Goods

Today’s wake and bake session was sponsored by our friends at Steve’s Goods. I have loved Steve’s concentrate for years now, and count on his CBD crumble and shatter for terpene-rich dabs. Check out my review from a few years ago of Steve’s lineup, and stay tuned for an updated in-depth review of what they’re offering these days.

In today’s video, I’m showcasing the CBD Starter Pack by Steve’s Goods, which features a multi-use EVRI dip device (as reviewed here), a gram of Steve’s delicious Blueberry OG CBD shatter, and a cartridge of their 600 mg broad-spectrum CBD oil. This is a fantastic setup for getting started with concentrates and CBD, with the multi-use EVRI acting as both a cartridge battery and a honey straw.

I also use this session to enjoy a variety of different shatters from Steve’s Goods, including the delicious Watermelon OG and the excellent Mango Untamed wax. Dabbing is one of my favorite ways to get my daily dose of CBD, and Steve’s Goods CBD is so terpene-rich and delicious it makes consuming CBD an absolute joy. These days Steve’s Goods has expanded into other types of extracts, like CBG slabs and Delta 8 wax, which I also try in this morning’s video.

Steve’s Goods remains a favorite source of mine for high-quality, thoughtful CBD products that I just can’t get enough of. Learn more about Steve’s Goods and pick up some CBD to dab over at

All .5 grams of CBD concentrates are 50% off for the entire month of July, making this a perfect time to give CBD dabs a try!



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  1. This coffee talk is just what I needed! I lovvvvvve dabbing CBD. Ever since winning the Father’s day giveaway, I’ve been using my EVRI dip device from Steve’s Goods every day! I love the flavor of the cartridge and shatter. It tastes like blueberries with a tinge of cotton candy. So yummy. Can’t wait to explore more CBD concentrate options!✌🏽💕

  2. Thanks for another great video! I really like the Everi combo. I have never tried concentrates, and this looks like a great option for both. I am always looking forward to the next sesh!!

  3. Your so cute! Love this episode. I use Steve’s Goods and I love them. I have the blueberry and Mango. So good! Just ordered some of the Delta 8.