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Coffee Talk 49 | Catching Up with a Wake & Bake

Hi friends and welcome back to Coffee Talk, my wake & bake sessions where I get my mind right for the day with some coffee and cannabis! Today it’s all about getting properly medicated before a deep cleaning session, in addition to catching you guys up on all things stoner mom. I talk a lot about the upcoming return to school for my kids before the sesh turned into a stoned brain dump about my podcast. I’m kind of all over the place in this one, perfect if you need some background noise this morning. So, if you’re ready to smoke with your favorite stoner mom, go grab your bong, and let’s sesh!

Coffee Talk Notes

Bluebird Botanicals

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  1. I really enjoyed your podcast when you and David assigned each other a topics to explain, that was always fun. The episode when David is explaining Dyatlov Pass was hilarious because you were so annoyed with him! I laughed my ass off! I love that kind of stuff though. I also, always enjoy a good court case or disaster documentary. You used to do those back in the day. Love you guys and always look forward to you podcast..xoxo Alpha Slayer.