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Coffee Talk 53 | Catching Up Over Coffee and Cannabis

Happy Monday my dearest stoner friends! It’s time for another Coffee Talk, my wake and bake sessions for grownups! Join me this morning while I medicate with some homegrown cannabis and catch you up on all things stoner mom. It’s been a busy and exciting time for my family, and we’re long overdue for a good old-fashioned smoke sesh here. Let’s get our minds ready for the day with some coffee and cannabis. Go grab your and bong and let’s sesh!

Coffee Talk Notes | gear and goodies mentioned in this episode

image of Trova GO personal safe
The Trova GO portable biometric safe

TROVA Biometric Safes

Today’s video is sponsored in part by TROVA, offering Bluetooth-enabled, wireless, smart storage for home or on the go. These smart and stylish lockboxes use biometric scanning from your phone, meaning only paired users on the app can access what’s inside. I set mine to open with my Face ID, and now accessing my TROVA Go is effortless.

TROVA is perfect for the responsible stoner, helping to maintain your privacy and allowing you to safely bring your favorite personal items wherever you go. The TROVA app notifies the user when the lockbox is open, where it is, and when it needs to charge. TROVA comes in a variety of sizes, including the TROVA Go, pictured above, which is a great size for prerolls, vape pens, cash, or prescriptions. There are larger sizes as well, including the TROVA Home which has enough space for your entire stoner stash.

The TROVA is appropriate for anything that requires discreet and secure storage. I use my TROVA Go to keep my vape pens secure when I’m running around the house as a busy mom, and I’m confident knowing that no one else can access it but me.

Big thanks to TROVA for supporting The Stoner Mom Show! You can learn more about their chic and smart personal safes at

Upstate Elevator Supply Co

This episode of Coffee Talk is also sponsored by one of my favorite CBD brands, Upstate Elevator Supply Co. This Vermont-based brand uses organic ingredients, organically grown hemp, and a variety of extraction and infusion methods to create some of the best-tasting and effective cannabinoid products on the market.

Upstate Elevator gummies are my CBD gummies of choice. I take one or two of their 30 mg fruit slices every day and I love having a quick, easy, and delicious method for getting in my daily dose of cannabinoids. Check out Upstate Elevators’ extensive range of gummies, in a variety of flavors and strengths. The 65 mg watermelon rings are a strong dose and work well for those wanting higher amounts of CBD without eating a bunch of gummies.

Upstate Elevator carries more than just gummies. Their tinctures are phenomenal, with flavors and strengths that will work for any type of CBD user. Their full-spectrum lemon-flavored tincture is a particular favorite. They also carry softgels, topicals, pet products, even delicious CBD beverages! You can read all of my thoughts on this favorite brand of mine in my full Upstate Elevator reviews here and here.

I’m grateful to Upstate Elevator for sponsoring today’s episode and helping to support The Stoner Mom! Learn more about their process and products at


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  1. Lisa Barbour

    I’m new to this site and blog but I’m really enjoying it so far..definitely not new to weed though. Very much enjoying your vibe and I’m happy to sesh with you. I’m a Colorado girl as well, thankfully as I struggle with chronic pain, ptsd, trauma and anxiety.
    Love having this to go to daily 💛

  2. Illegalstonermom

    I love how optimistic and positive you are about your life. I love seeing it!! I’m so amazed by your growth. It’s inspiring. Love you!!💚💚💨💨