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Another Week, Another Coffee Talk | Let’s wake, bake, and talk about life in this crazy 21st century world!

Time to get stoned with mom! In this episode of Coffee Talk, new stoner gear, lots of fat dabs, late summer travels, and my adults-only week coming up!

Stoner Gear

I started a new segment called Stoner Gear, where I share the current products and tools I’m using to enhance my sessions. Here are the products I used and discussed in todays episode:

  • The Nymph mini dab rig by Sesh Supply – a recent runner up winner at Cannabis Cup for best glass! I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful dab rig! It’s still really hard to find and sold out at Smoke Cartel, but hopefully will get restocked soon. Also, a little heads up, we’re giving one away over on the podcast, so be sure to listen to the next episode for details on how to enter!
  • Cinderwitch Double Jet Flame Torch – Smoke Cartel sent both the triple flame and double. I prefer the double, though it’s a little bigger than the triple. Both are great, so powerful and easy to use, and I feel so much safer with these than with previous torches that had a feature where I couldn’t turn off the locked flame without twisting a knob. I’ve been using an enail almost exclusively for dabs simply because I didn’t have a great torch, so big thanks to Smoke Cartel for sending me some proper fire. Having a good reliable torch really makes my dabbing easier and more enjoyable, and I like the portability afforded by a torch set up over my enail which needs to plug in to power.
  • FlicWic – Lastly, FlicWic sent me these awesome lighter cases that integrate hemp wick! Hemp wick is great for highlighting the full flavor profile of your cannabis, which can be overpowered by butane in our lighters. By lighting wick and using that to light our bowls, we get a cleaner taste that is better for you. Flicwic makes using a hemp wick easy by integrating it with a lighter, so everything you need to light your bowl is in one hand.

The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. I was wondering I haven’t smoked in years and your website has answered a lot of questions now but I was watching you smoke and I noticed that you don’t hold it in. So I was wondering if it’s even necessary. N thank you I felt so stupid till I found your site. My bf is currently locked up and he told me to try smoking to see if it helps me any. He had gotten me a bong. And of course it came AFTER he got locked up. I miss him so much. It’s very lonely. Anyway I had never seen a perc before and it has one. I couldn’t figure it out lol so now I’m more prepared to try it out. I just finally got a little bit today!! Wish me luck that it doesn’t kill me lol!! I wanna find out about the oil I’m guessing that’s what dabs is?? How do you use? I was thinking u take it like meds on a teaspoon but it looks like u was smoking it. I’m all confused though but glad I found you 😜🤪Kimmy

  2. Illegal stoner mom

    💋💋💋 Great seshing with you! You still always do hella more weed than I ever do. 😘😍🌳❤️ Stoned.

  3. Illegal stoner mom

    So great to sesh with you, you still do hella more than I ever do. 💋💋💋 I think THE STAND was my favorite Steven King book. It’s hella long too. Bit of an anti climatic ending, iirc, but satisfying enough.