Another Week, Another Coffee Talk |Β Let’s wake, bake, and talk about life in this crazy 21st century world!

Bring us your pipes, your bongs, your fancy newfangled vaporizers, and let’s get stoned! Happy Friday dear stoner peeps! Today’s episode of Coffee Talk is long overdue. It was filmed right after Thanksgiving and you can tell that I’m ready for the year to end and eager for a fresh start. I talk about a lot of stuff in this video, including work, finding balance on my blog, holiday plans, house projects, and how our Thanksgiving went. I also talk about my recent reads and the true crime cases I’m currently obsessing over. It’s a lazy sort of stoner sesh, I hope you enjoy!Β βœŒπŸΌπŸ’šπŸ’¨

Coffee Talk Notes

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Media Mentioned in this episode

Conviction by Juan Martinez
Discovery from the Watts family murder case. This the first document dump and includes over 1900 pages of documents related to the investigation. Reddit has a full table of contents here.


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  1. Hello Kathryn. Great vlog πŸ™‚ . I’ll be honest as a long time viewer I’ve noticed the imbalance in your content when it comes to sponsors. It’s totally understandable, we all need to make a living, so don’t get me wrong but as a viewer it also it becomes transparent when we can see you’re not really into what you’re doing. Perhaps you’re not as enthusiastic about the content you’re creating and you feel like you need to keep shuffling out new content to keep relevancy and consistency. It’s something many youtubers have discussed lately. Getting sponsorships are hard especially for things you feel good about promoting. Relating that to personal content is probably even harder. Maybe sitting down with your whole portfolio of content and seeing what you really enjoyed to make and what you feel was forced or not sometime you feel connected with. Do this with sponsor free content as well as sponsored content. See what worked and what didn’t in both regards. You may just need to spark up your passion for being a content creator again. Either way we’ll still support you as long as you’re putting an effort forward. πŸ™‚

  2. It is not entirely the same, but I can relate to the issues with finding balance.

    I am a creative photographer and my paid work funds my creative/personal work. At the same time too many paid sessions start to drain my creative flow and motivation, I am currently in a funk right now with this and finding it hard to find the desire to do any work.

    I hope you find your sweet spot soon.