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Coffee Talk 31 | Battling the Blues

Welcome back to Coffee Talk, my monthly wake and bake session where I get high and chat with you about whatever comes to mind! In this video I am using the very exciting Stundenglass gravity bong, while also updating you on where I’ve been mentally for the last several weeks. Join me for a long stoner session where I talk about my clinical depression and how I use cannabis to help manage my symptoms. Enjoy!



Coffee Talk Notes | Gear featured in this episode

Hemp Healthy CBD

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Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

This sophisticated gravity bong has been gaining quite a reputation on the internet, and I’m honored to have been sent one of my own! Featuring 360° rotating gravity system, perpetual smoke production, contactless inhalation, and an included hookah setup. I am in love with this thing! The Stündenglass is easy to clean and is compatible with the GPen Connect for use with concentrates. Thanks to GPen for sending me this amazing gravity bong! Purchase at

Kiwi Detox UV Rig by Empire Glassworks

This Empire Glassworks rig has everything I love in a piece. Beautifully detailed, small and easy to store, with a nice handle and an extended staw mouthpiece for preventing splashback. Purchase at

Kush Masters Live Diamonds

In this video I dab Citrus Trifecta live diamonds by Colorado’s Kush Masters. Citrus Trifecta is a blend of Clementine, Tangi Dos, Lemon G.

That’s it for this edition of Coffee Talk! Thanks for keeping me company and letting me have a space to share what’s on my mind. I’ll be back again soon with another video, until then please remember to be safe and responsible with your cannabis use, always be kind, and smoke weed every day!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. Jody Anglebrandt

    It’s been a low place mentally for me as well. Thanks for the sesh.. I might have to purchase that gravity bong. ✌️

    Soul sister hello LOL

  3. Thanks for another great coffee talk! Stay medicated! Please!😁

    • I’ve also been in an extra low place. My anxiety disorder has been really hard to manage and that’s triggering some depression.

      Something that’s been helping me is The Holderness Family on Instagram and YouTube. Their hilarious corona bits have actually made my husband and I laugh out loud together and it’s been so good.

      The Love Diamonds is So. Pretty. I’ll have to try some next time I’m in CO. Which is normally a couple times a year, but not this year. 🙁

      • Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts. Makes us all feel a little less lonely 💕
        I recommend checking out the Dark horse Podcast hosted by the brilliant and lovely intellectuals Best Weinstein and Heather Heying. They really illuminate the darkness of current events with both analysis and imagination. It has been soothing some of my blues. Much love!

  4. Thank you for sharing a “gloomy ” sesh! I also struggle with anxiety and depression and here lately I have just been so mentally exhausted lately that it is oddly comforting to know that I am not alone, while trying to maintain the “new normal” of every day life . 💖