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Coffee Talk 56 | Let’s Catch Up!

Happy Monday stoner friends! I am so happy to be back from my tolerance break with Coffee Talk, my weekly Wake & Bake sessions where I get my mind right for the day with some coffee and cannabis. This morning I’m enjoying a potent hemp and cannabis blend as well as trying a CBD caviar hemp blunt. It’s been a while since my last filming, so let’s take some time this morning to catch up and medicate. Don’t smoke alone, go grab your bong, and let’s sesh!

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Plain Jane Hemp & CBD

Today’s wake and bake session was sponsored by our friends at Plain Jane. This brand first made a name for themselves with their odorless hemp cigarettes, the first of their kind! Since those early days, Plain Jane has branched out into hemp flower, preroll packs, CBD tinctures, topicals, concentrates, and so much more. Check out their phenomenal selection of outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse-grown CBD-rich hemp flower, all grown in southern Oregon.

In this morning’s session, I’m enjoying Plain Jane’s Cake hemp flower, which contains 12.18% CBD. I mixed that with some regular Sour Diesel cannabis for an incredible morning blend. I also am smoking a Plain Jane Caviar kief-infused hemp blunt, and this turned out to be one of my favorite products. If you love smoking hemp flower for deep relaxation, definitely consider one of these blunts! I felt the effects to be much stronger than usual and felt relaxed and content all morning long after smoking one.

Big thanks to Plain Jane for sponsoring today’s sesh and helping to support The Stoner Mom! You can check out my original Plain Jane review here, and be sure to visit to see everything they have to offer.


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