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DaBox Wax Pen Review

DaBox (pronounced Dab Box) is a small and powerful wax pen by Vivant. With a unique box mod style small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, the Dabox is a small but mighty entry into the world of cannabis concentrates. If you like to use concentrates but dislike the hassle of dabbing, a device like the Dabox will be a welcome addition to your stoner rotation.

In this post I’ll be reviewing the Dabox, sharing pictures, and giving you a walk-thru on how to use it. There’s even a video of me blowing lots of clouds with it. As always, leave me your questions in the comments, I’m happy to help you decide what kind of vaporizer is best for you. Let’s begin!


Dabox | in pictures

Fresh out of the box. Dabox comes with everything you need for a great concentrate sesh.

DaBox Comes With

1 x DAbOX™
1 x Dual Quartz Clapton Coil Head
1 x Dual Quartz Coil Head
1 x Scoop Tool
1 x USB Cable
1 x Quick Guide
Replacement splash guard and o-rings

A cool glass dab tool is included with the Dabox

DaBox Specs

  • 1500 mAh built-in li-ion battery charges in less than one hour
  • Interchangeable coil system – 3 coils are available:
    • (included) Dual Quartz Clapton Coil 0.25ohm – maximized surface area for maximized flavor and vapor production. Utilizes low temps for smoother hits. (included in kit)
    • (included) Dual Quartz Coil 0.5ohm – This is the quick fire coil and most suitable for if you choose to have an all-day vape. This coil will have the fastest heat up time.
    • (sold separately) Single Quartz Clapton Coil 0.25ohm – Optimizes power and surface area for optimal flavor. This is the second to fastest coil with heat up time and has the best flavor production.
  • Patent Pending Flip Door clicks to 45 and 90 degrees for fast material loading and coil replacement – Super simple to twist open the base, load your dab, close, heat, and hit.
  • Led Light Display
  • Silicone Slip Guard Cover
  • Glass Chamber

What I Love about Dabox

Easy Access to Coils

The Dabox uses a unique slide rack system to hold the coil heads. Many concentrate vaporizers require the user to screw the coil head in which can get gross and sticky, but with the slide rack system, the coil head just slides right into place and is ready to use. The flip door is easily my favorite Dabox feature, it not only looks cool, but it is very functional and user friendly. The door clicks open to 45 and 90 degrees for easy coil replacement and fast loading.

Price & Function

The Dabox comes in at around $60 and is a great device for the price. Very simple and intuitive to use, the Dabox’s affordability, durability and great function make this an easy piece to recommend. A simple design, made from metal and glass, and easy to clean and maintain, the Dabox feels like a device that will last.

Size & Discretion

I adore how small the Dabox is! I have small hands and the Dabox fits perfectly in my palm. It easily fits in the tiniest of clutches or in any pants pocket, and is a discreet addition to a night out for seshing on-the-go.

What I Would Change

The only drawback I find with the Dabox is the lack of precise temperature control. Though a simple user interface is typically best, today’s concentrate consumers want control. I will say that sometimes a lack of choice is nice, especially for those brand new to using concentrates, but eventually everyone likes to expand their knowledge and take ultimate control of their dab experience. For newbies and for those who are not concerned with precise temperature control, the Dabox will suit you just fine.

Using the Dabox

Using the DaBox is fun and easy to use. For the more visual types, be sure to check out the video at the top of this post.

Make sure the Dabox is fully charged. Press the button five times to power on the Dabox.
  1. Make sure the Dabox is fully charged; the green light means it’s ready to go, blue means you’re halfway out of power, and red means it’s time to plug that baby in.
  2. Flip open the door. The Dabox comes with the quartz clapton coil head installed. I recommend starting with this coil.
  3. Take your wax or concentrate and put on and around the coils. Stick with an amount no larger than a grain of rice. Close the flip door.
  4. Press the button on the Dabox five times quickly to turn on the device.

    A single button controls the Dabox
  5. The Dabox will only heat while you hold the single button down and you will likely hear your concentrate begin to sizzle on the coils as you heat them. Hold your lips against the mouthpiece and draw vapor slowly into your mouth as you hold the button down and heat the concentrate. Vapor will collect in the glass chamber and in your mouth as you draw the vapor in.
  6. Inhale your vapor.
  7. Cough like crazy.
  8. Feel amazing.
  9. Swing open the door at any time to check out the state of your concentrate. When the concentrate is all gone, reload and do it again!

Concluding Thoughts

The Dabox is a powerful little device that will send the most jaded stoner into la la land. Durable, functional, discreet and affordable, this a perfect portable wax pen for someone brand new to using concentrates. No need to use a torch or buy a dab rig, the Dabox is an affordable way to enjoy waxy concentrates without the commitment of full dab equipment.

Learn more and get a Dabox of your own over at Vivant.


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